Survival Mode

Adversity leads to greatness.

Stress leads to breakthroughs.

Failure leads to growth and success.

All of these statements hold true when we reflect on our past and how we got to where we are today.

In those moments of hardship, though, it’s not easy to see so clearly the truth of each one of those statements.

I’ve been reminded by loved ones, friends, mentors, and complete strangers of these statements as I’ve still been trying to find my way or carve out my own path, and enduring the obstacles that every day presents.

It’s crazy that even though I live with 4 separate tumors in my skull, I choose to ignore that reality and focus my time and energy on how I can succeed at being the best version of myself and fulfilling my purpose to serve others.

One thing I want people to see in my and my efforts, and that I want my legacy to be, is that I never gave up and that I inspired others to see their life’s from new perspective and choose to believe they have the capability of doing what they truly desire and believe they want/can do, no matter what outside influence says otherwise.

I’ve had ups and downs with giving into the words of doubters and haters, some of which I one respected and admired.

The people that truly know me don’t let me play small and give into that BS because they know me better and know how hard I work to make others lives the best they can become. They force me to own my truth and know my worth.

For anyone reading this, believe in yourself and be grateful you’re alive.

It could always be worse but we’re still here and able to make choices to make our current moment and future what we envision it to be.

I love and appreciate you all.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️