“Body, Space & Time” Morning Meditation


– get my conscious thinking away from my body, time and space – the 3 main focuses we tend to give energy to on a daily basis to affirm our known identity and reality- to allow energy for creating a new unknown reality.

– retrain my body to respond to my mind and no longer control my mind.

– change my state of being (internal emotions) before an event in my life has been made manifest to choose to change my internal state (drop the cause and effect model we tend to live by and feel the effect that draws the cause into my reality).

What I’m Learning

– unless we become familiar with (meditation or internal reflection), we can’t expect to change our personality (the way we think, act and feel, which creates our state of being), which is what creates our personal reality.

– there’s so much unconscious thinking and feeling happening on a daily basis we’re unaware of that’s been programmed from our past.

– this unconscious thinking and feeling is what leads us to actions we may or may not realize we take that is out of line with the desires we have for our lives. There’s no right or wrong, there’s only what is.

– as get older, we condition our body to control our thinking based on external environmental conditions and experiences that lead to chemical addictions on a cellular level to affirm our known identity and reality on a daily basis.

– so, to change is to be greater than our environment or state of being, which is difficult due to the chemical addictions on a cellular level.

– what’s rad is that once we become aware of this, we can then make a choice to change and realign our subconscious (95% of our thinking) with our conscious (5% of our thinking as an adult) and reprogram our body and mind based on a vision for our future rather than our past.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️