Lost, Now Conscious

Been working hard with @createdbybrian on educational keto focused videos as well as story telling and mindset focused videos as ways to share my message and goals of inspiring new perspective in others.

I’ve felt lost at times the last 2 years as I’ve stepped into the “unknown” in pursuit of a new purpose filled goal fueled by nothing more than passion and gratitude.

The more internal / mental work I’ve been doing, the more I’ve been able to take more and more action in my life that gets me into a state of “flow” and I forget about my body in time and space.

Sharing my journey and the perspectives I attach to these stories has been self-therapeutic as well, which is why I encourage others to share their TRUTH as much as they can.

Today I had the honor of leading a keto & brain health training for my good friend @isaacstegman and his company/tribe @kaizenprocoaching.

My priorities in which I wanted to the team to take away we’re the following:

1- consciousness (awareness).

2- Health is internal.

3- Brain & Mental Health = WEALTH.

I learned these valuable lessons the hard way and it’s my life’s mission to share and inspire these perspectives in anyone I can.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️