Blessings of the Energy Centers

Day 3: 430am “Blessings of the Energy Centers” Meditation from @drjoedispenza

What I’m learning

1- Finding that it seems to be easier for me to wake up around 4am than I believed once I dropped the story of that being “too early” to wake up, which was my body being in charge of my mind rather than the other way around like it should be.

2- Based on my @ouraring data for over a year and skimming through it, it seems around the 4am mark is when I come out of a deep sleep cycle and may be why I wake up a ton around then anyways and how I feel groggy after waking up at 6am since I fall back into another sleep cycle.

3- I’ve been focusing on “surendering” as, Dr Joe refers to it. After a conversation with @lifesamitchism, reminding me to not be judgmental of my practice and to let go of attention to control the situation and “create” an experience, I’ve been focused more on my intention (thoughts/desires) and emotional being (emotion the intention yields) while visualizing the best I can by holding my attention on these aspects and letting go of my body, time and space.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️