FOR us

Life happens FOR us, NOT to us. That’s what I believe.

This belief allows us to transcend any undesirable reality we’re living because it means we have the power to change that reality with a focus on our perspective of our lives the events that take place.

Allowing our personality (thoughts, actions and emotions) to create our personal reality rather than allowing our personal reality dictate our personality is key.

The first step is creating a space of consciousness or awareness and observation without judgment. Once we’ve done this and identified some key aspects we were overlooking, we can then begin to catch ourselves in the moment and rewrite that story we’ve been telling ourselves or rewrote the action we’re taking now and will continue to do so moving forward.

If we want a new desirable reality, we have to overcome ourselves and our reality to do things differently. We must not be defined by our circumstances if we want to create something new in our lives.

“Doing the same thing expecting a new outcome is the definition of insanity” we’ve all heard before, but it’s so true when you stop and think about it.

I will leave you with these 4 questions I love asking at the end of my presentations.:

1- what do you want in your life?
2- what do you need in your life?
3- what’s holding you back from what you want & need?
4- what are you willing to do about it?

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Josh P. 🧠💚✌️