Keto= Only Diet With Bio-Marker

Keto is the only diet with a bio marker that can be tracked to ensure you’re making choices that facilitate this metabolic state known as ketosis.

Keto is short for all things pertaining to ketosis, a process of accumulating ketones in your blood stream at it above 0.5mmol while simultaneously having lowered blood glucose, which can range from 60-90+mg/dL depending on the individual.

With that said, just because a particular food is “keto-friendly” or actually “ketogenic”, doesn’t mean you’re now in ketosis.

Keto is not a food, it’s not a diet, it’s not who you are or what you do, it’s a metabolic state that can be achieved in various forms for various people & their goals.

It’s a profound state of optimal brain energy & is a lifestyle that’s naturally reduces body fat mass, inflammation, oxidative stress (free radicals), & disease risk factors.

There’s various purpose for a variety of therapeutic needs that a ketogenic diet, or, a state of ketosis, can help support thanks to ketones & their unique energy & signaling properties.

Thanks to @justpruvit, we now have the added support of an exogenous (external) form of R-BHB (the ketone body our liver naturally produces while on a ketogenic diet).

This allows people to get deeper into a state of ketosis for specific neurological purposes like fighting cancer, epileptic seizure, or reaching heightened cognitive focus states of being.

As for those like myself not necessarily fighting cancer or seizures, ketones have a profound ability to help support the mitochondria, which can lead to improved and heightened levels of energy, reduction in inflammation & free radical production, epigenetic (gene expression) signaling, improved sleep & recovery, sparing muscle protein, & much more.

That’s what I follow a ketogenic diet & consume exogenous ketones as a “fourth macronutrient” as they do come with calories but are much more than just energy.

This is the keto lifestyle I refer to that involves specific food choices, exogenous ketones, fasting protocols that support my goals, testing my blood, supplementing with berberine & fishoil, & continuing to educate myself.

Do you make &/or take ketones?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️