Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

We only know what’s possible when we TRY.

Far too often do we let fear control how we think, feel and act in our lives which can, and usually does, limit our potential in our lives.

Fear is nothing more than a thought from a perceived threat in the moment our near/far future. This can be a life or death situation, judgment, failing a test, not paying rent, being turned down, or getting into an altercation, etc.

It’s inevitable that fear is going to be a player in our lives but we choose how much playing time fear gets.

Fear is essential for life as it’s hardwired into our human being existence to protect us.

The problem today is most of our fears are man made from non life threatening fears.

These are the thoughts that hold us back from going after our dreams because we either fear what others may think if we don’t succeed or we don’t want to go against our parents desires, expectations, or wishes for us.

These are the fears that hold us back from taking action in our lives to better our health, start a dream business, take a class we are passionate about, write a book, ask him/her out, speak in public, leave a job we hate, speak our truth, and so on.

What would happen if you chose to recognize your fears in the moment and evaluate.

1) where the fear is stemming from?

2) if this fear is past conditioning to keep us safe emotionally or safe physically?

3) is this fear serving us or taking from us?

4) do we want this fear present in our life during this moment or do we want to thank our ego for trying to protect us and set it aside?

BMX and overcoming multiple brain tumors in my life taught me that we have the power to either push past fear and have it fuel our efforts, or, we can let it paralyze us and keep us from taking risks for the things we aspire to do with our lives.

Fear is a great indicator of the places (internally and externally) we must explore, audit, and shine a light on if we are wanting to do, feel, or acquire something in our lives we currently are not.

What are you afraid of but what are you willing to do about that fear?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️