Sink Or Swim

Who can truly say the “worst thing” to ever happen to them was in fact the BEST thing to happen to them aside from being born?

It’s a weird state of being to reflect on something so tragic & feel gratitude for that experience when you consciously think of who you are today because of that event.

I would have never fathomed being grateful for almost dying from a brain tumor.

But as I began shifting my perspective & becoming self aware of my unconscious programming, I realized that experience was a gift.

It was a gift I had the choice to receive or deny.

My internal vision & values aligned in such a congruent manner that it inspired me to go on a mission to challenge my external reality as it didn’t align with the internal vision I had created.

In doing so, I found my Massive Intention To Optimize my life & audit any area of my being that didn’t follow suit with the vision I in pursuit of since I was a 13 year old boy.

This pursuit taught me the value of choosing a lens to see our world (perspective) & I was reminded of this lens time & time again in very very painful ways.

From 3 total brain tumor diagnosis to suddenly loosing my younger brother, I have been reminded how fortunate we are to be breathing human being no matter what challenges we face.

The reality of life is there is going to be obstacles, challenges, pain, “bad” things will occur, etc.

What people choose to focus on is their business but when we choose to focus on the “bad” rather than what is in our control (our state of being: thoughts, feelings, & actions) we are contained to that unwanted reality that creates a ceiling over us each day & influences how we create our personal realities & how we show up in that reality.

I’m not sharing there is a “right” or “wrong” or that it’s going to be easy.

What I am saying is we choose to play small as the victim in life or rise above our adversaries and choose to be a victor of each unwanted experience & learn to grow & thrive from it.

The choice is ours. That’s a fact no matter what happens or what your circumstance is.

You can complain & say “what about this” or “what about that” but that doesn’t change your reality.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️