It Was NOT A Pain Pill Deficiency

A pain pill deficiency wasn’t the cause of me suffering for over a year.

Being denied medical imaging of my brain upon request as a paying customer of health insurance almost cost me my life.

Being judged by my cover almost killed me and I won’t sit by and let others go without a voice and feel as suppressed as I did.

This photo is from after waking up from a 6 hour brain surgery resulting in 4 titanium screws in my skull along with 75 staples and 16 stitches.

This moment was a profound life-altering moment that changed the course of my life in more ways than anyone could have fathomed.

I got back to riding my BMX bike at an elite level while continuing to make a name for myself around the world and continued to live my dream.

2 more brain tumor diagnoses, an ACL reconstructive surgery, and my best year competing later, I decided to make a choice to walk away from my dream to pursue a new dream of coming a worldwide name as a speaker inspiring new perspectives in others that lead to new actions and choices, an author, and someone dedicated to making an impact in society built on a higher purpose than self.

Self, me (Josh Perry), was focused on escaping a plethora of pain as a child and teenager on a mission to prove others wrong by succeeding at something not many other than my parents and brother really believed in me to accomplish.

Self, was living in stress and becoming more and more selfish (focused on myself to survive and succeed). After almost loosing my life more than once, self turned to purpose to serve and support others.

That’s where I am now, joining my path from self to purpose.

Taking massive risks in all areas of my like to be seen as who I truly am and have been suppressing over the years out of deep rooted insecurities.

I’ve learned those past beliefs don’t serve me or my mission to serve others.

You don’t need such a wake up call as I’ve experienced multiple times to make a change in your life to be more fulfilled, healthy and happy.

You can choose to change in a state of joy and inspiration or pain and suffering, but I can tell you making the choice to change from inspiration and joy is much more pleasant.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Truth Will Set You Free

Ever heard the saying “the truth will set your free”? I felt confined most of my life with regards to speaking my truth to my fullest capacity.

This confinement lead to a gap between my truest self and what others perceived of me.

I suppressed my truth in various forms of my life during many experiences in different times.

The voice suppression began at a younger age with a violent and abusive step father that punished me in various forms for speaking out with how I felt, what I was thinking, and in general if it was a time that triggered his anger.

This voice suppression led into my adult years as I have realized I was conditioned to suppress my truth out of fear for getting hurt or being “wrong”. This conditioning almost killed me as I was 21 and let the medical authorities convince me that I was “fine” even though I was suffering on a daily basis until a concussion led to an MRI finding the cause- a brain tumor.

This conditioning led me to not showing up and expressing myself in my truest form, which affected many of my personal and business relationships.

This conditioning almost prevented me from sharing my truth around the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, which has allowed me to support many people around the globe with empowering themselves to improve their health and quality of life.

After a third brain tumor diagnosis, shortly after placing top 10 in the BMX World Series, I left my dream to speak my truth with no regard to anything besides the purpose of serving others around the world.

Since doing so, I’ve felt more free and have unlocked so much potential to do new things, reach more people, and learn more about myself.

I’ve made it my mission to inspire perspective in others that leads to owning their truth and speaking it as much as they possibly can while empowering themselves to be as healthy and happy as possible.

There’s no reason anyone should feel as if they don’t have a voice and it’s our responsibility to support each of our truths and voice to share that truth.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

What Are You WILLING To Do?

What are you willing to do for the things you say you “need” and “want” in your life?

Are you willing to sacrifice moments of instant gratification for the long game of sustainability?

Are you willing to put yourself in uncomfortable ale situations or moments of immense pain like I experienced in this photo?

The difference between a pro and amateur is the willingness to push past moments of physical and mental pain, fear, doubt, worry, judgment, stress and whatever else comes your way.

The future vision we create as a pro of our life’s journey is what defines us. We’re not defined by our past, who we showed up as yesterday, the times we fell down or “failed”, or the times we heard the word “no”. We are clear on our purpose behind the vision and won’t let anything stop us, no matter how far off course we find ourselves.

Pain is just information. Use the information to trouble shoot navigating forward to success.

When you find yourself comfortable, that should set off an alarm that it’s time to optimize.

Adaptations are healthy and necessary to build strength, but comfort can lead to stagnant phases in life and lead to unhappiness.

That’s what I’ve found in my life and BMX has taught me there’s always more in us to optimize our current level in area of life, if we’re willing to put the work in.

Get after it with clear, purposeful, and align intent that matches the vision you’ve created for your life.

Don’t settle for anything less and don’t let moment of pain persuade you off the path.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

The Cycle

I don’t believe in one over the other. Do you?

To me, they both have biologically responses and both affect our brain and physiology.

We have a choice in what we feed our brains and body every single day and both of these choices make up who we are.

If we are not happy or content with our current status of being, we can change it. Some don’t believe that to be true and find themselves stuck where they are happy. Sometimes they get inspired to make changes but it doesn’t last due to the underlying disbelief in their efforts.

When it comes to nutritional choices, I’ve come a long way and can assure you that you can make changes to better your health, performance and overall quality of life.

When it comes to the mental side of things, I had a deep rooted belief that I was always going to be broke, I wasn’t capable of “success” outside of BMX, and that I was going to work a job when I was done riding BMX professionally because I had no value to offer the world and was destined to work a job for someone else.

Once I began learning how both the mind & body really work, my perspective shifted in profound ways. I began to empower myself with tools to take back my health and to achieve success in other areas of my life like my relationships, starting my own business, my education, the ability to spread my message and purpose to support others around the world, manifesting amazing people and experiences in my life, and the list goes on.

What we choose to consume (food/beverage) affects our physiology and our brain, which in return affects our thinking. What we choose to consume in terms of content and time with people within our lives affects our thinking, which influences the choices we make nutritionally.

As you can see, it’s a cycle that continues until we’ve become conscious of it and make a choice to optimize areas of our lives we desire to do so.

I was one of the many to commonly say “I’m fine now, so why do I need to change”. Then, when I was 21, my life flipped upside down when I was told I may die of a brain tumor.

Change starts with consciousness, or awareness, and progresses with a desire to change and optimize choices.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

The Gap

This was the moment I woke up from a 6 hour brain surgery.

This “gap” of who I wanted to be & how I felt internally, & how others perceived me and my life, developed from a young age and continued to grow as I progressed in my BMX career.

On the outside, others would often assume I lived “the life”, which I have been fortunate to have worked my ass off to live such a life with amazing experiences.

Others would assume my life was easy, I must have a ton of money, I was always happy, and would often say “it must be nice” when I got to travel the world, meet amazing human beings, and or design my days to do what I wanted when I wanted.

Although I did and do live such a abundant life, I have been suppressing deep rooted limiting beliefs, insecurities, pain, and unworthiness.

It took being told “Josh, you may die” at the young age of 21 to wake my ass up to begin expressing my true inner self, and to begin letting go of all those emotional blocks holding me back from true joy and fulfillment.

It lead me on a quest of progression to become the best version of myself, inside and out.

It taught me that we all have amazing amounts of potential to change our lives and the lives of others when the effort is put forth with a clear vision of what we want to create backed by an immense amount of purpose and dedication to that vision.

It taught me life is all about perspective- how we CHOOSE to see the world and our lives in regards to our personal reality and the actions we take to create that reality.

It taught me how health is an internal aspect of reality, not solely what’s on the outside or in a scale.

It taught me that our reality is a manifestation of our choices in life- what we consume (nutritionally and mentally), if and how we move our bodies, how we choose to think and what we choose to believe, and how we choose to act in our lives in which create an emotional experience, all of which makes up our identity known as “self”. At the end of the day, this moment in that surgical bed not only saved my life, it led me to my higher purpose of showing others what we are all capable of when the desire to write our own life script is large enough.

Josh P.💚🧠✌️

Keto Context

I can’t stand posts that say “carbs don’t make you fat.” Or “fat doesn’t make you fat” when that’s both true and false.

How so?

Context. Context of the individual and the source of said fat or carbohydrate. Some fats promote insulin resistance while others promote ketogenesis. Some carbs are slow digesting and don’t raise glucose levels nearly as much as others.

Not everyone can eat certain carbs or in specific amounts. Not everyone has the same insulin sensitivity or lack thereof. Not everyone is the same age with the same body composition. Not everyone has the same metabolic health in regards to mitochondria. AND, not everyone has the same lifestyle.

Blanket statements like these cause harm and confusion with people that don’t know that there’s a ton of context involved.

AND yes, you can put on body fat even with consuming exogenous ketones.

Exogenous ketones ARE NOT a fat burning drink. Drinking exogenous ketones to reach a state of ketosis DOES NOT mean you are burning fat. It means you drank a form of energy that puts ketones in your blood. Yes, exogenous ketones come with calories (energy) and can contribute to fat gain in some circumstances.

That’s why having a goal with a clear purpose, a proper plan of implementing progressive steps that bring a ton of clarity to the picture, and a way to track progress beyond just a scale is beyond critical.

Also, someone in your corner that knows how to guide/navigate others to reach their goals without trying to sell you a miracle “fat burning” drink misleading you to think that’s all it takes. Exogenous ketones are an amazing tool, if consuming the correct form and brand and doing so “responsibly”.

Context context context.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Keto= Only Diet With Bio-Marker

Keto is the only diet with a bio marker that can be tracked to ensure you’re making choices that facilitate this metabolic state known as ketosis.

Keto is short for all things pertaining to ketosis, a process of accumulating ketones in your blood stream at it above 0.5mmol while simultaneously having lowered blood glucose, which can range from 60-90+mg/dL depending on the individual.

With that said, just because a particular food is “keto-friendly” or actually “ketogenic”, doesn’t mean you’re now in ketosis.

Keto is not a food, it’s not a diet, it’s not who you are or what you do, it’s a metabolic state that can be achieved in various forms for various people & their goals.

It’s a profound state of optimal brain energy & is a lifestyle that’s naturally reduces body fat mass, inflammation, oxidative stress (free radicals), & disease risk factors.

There’s various purpose for a variety of therapeutic needs that a ketogenic diet, or, a state of ketosis, can help support thanks to ketones & their unique energy & signaling properties.

Thanks to @justpruvit, we now have the added support of an exogenous (external) form of R-BHB (the ketone body our liver naturally produces while on a ketogenic diet).

This allows people to get deeper into a state of ketosis for specific neurological purposes like fighting cancer, epileptic seizure, or reaching heightened cognitive focus states of being.

As for those like myself not necessarily fighting cancer or seizures, ketones have a profound ability to help support the mitochondria, which can lead to improved and heightened levels of energy, reduction in inflammation & free radical production, epigenetic (gene expression) signaling, improved sleep & recovery, sparing muscle protein, & much more.

That’s what I follow a ketogenic diet & consume exogenous ketones as a “fourth macronutrient” as they do come with calories but are much more than just energy.

This is the keto lifestyle I refer to that involves specific food choices, exogenous ketones, fasting protocols that support my goals, testing my blood, supplementing with berberine & fishoil, & continuing to educate myself.

Do you make &/or take ketones?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Keto is “Difficult”?

Prioritizing your health via lifestyle choices isn’t “difficult”. What’s difficult is being diagnosed with a brain tumor and told you may die with or without the surgery.

What’s difficult is living in a state of pain and suffering whole accepting this state to be a new reality you’ll always live in.

What’s difficult is watching those you love suffer with no control and in worst case scenarios, not wake up to see a new day.

I’m here to share how lack of prioritizing my brains health, and making lifestyle choices we often dismiss as harmless because of how “normal” it is, all led me to finding and researching keto and a level of consciousness.

I believe keto is not a food, it’s not a diet, it’s not who you are or what you do, it’s a metabolic state that can be achieved in various forms for various people and their goals.

It’s a profound state of optimal brain energy and is a lifestyle that’s naturally reduces body fat mass, inflammation, oxidative stress (free radicals), and disease risk factors.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I’d live a ketogenic lifestyle, I’d first ask what is that and then I’d follow that up with saying how crazy you were that you’d ask me to give up my soda and candy, or go hours, let alone days without eating anything but water and salt.

Who I am today is vastly different than who I was when I began my BMX journey and although I believe consciousness is the first step to creating the life we desire, that piece came to my awareness last after nutrition and fitness.

My favorite part of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle is the level of consciousness that’s transcended into all aspects of my life.

I believe it’s my responsibility to share my journey & experiences with others in an effort to shift perspective in terms of what we think food, health, and our reality really are.

What most of us forget or even lack the basic understanding of, is that we have a profound ability to shift our reality based on the choices we make every single day.

A choice to see the world & our lives from a new perspective that serves our desires rather than limits our potential to be healthy & happy.

My effort is to help facilitate this shift.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Flat Linning

Not many people know the story of when I flatlined at a contest back in 2011.

It was summer 2011 in Ocean City for the Dew Action Sports Tour just shy over a year after brain surgery and we were competing on a set up built over the beach.

I was so excited, confident, and ready to compete with a fresh start to the season after a wild ride of events the year before recovery from an unexpected brain surgery.

It was just practice and I was going over a line for the third or fourth time figuring out how I wanted to connect tricks to specific parts of the course for my contest run.

I was focused but relaxed at the same time as I came around a corner wall ride at about 10+ feet, putting my head at about 15 feet off the flat bottom of the ramps.

I came up a bit short into the landing resulting in my back tire clipping the top of the landing and catapulting next over the handlebars straight to my face.

I tired my head to the right, as I always did, leaving the left side of my face/eye socket taking the majority of the impact.

I didn’t even have time to register what was happening and my hands never got out in front of me to brace for the fall. All I remember is seeing the ground coming up quickly and saying to myself “oh, shit! This is going to suck!” The medics and athletes on the sidelines said I was out snoring right away.

As the medics got to me and rolled me over, that’s when they found my heart had stopped beating for almost a minute.

I woke up confused and in so much pain I didn’t realize my right hand was broken as I threw up almost immediately upon awakening.

I remember the first words out of my mouth being “I’m done riding. This ain’t worth it. I can’t keep doing this”.

2 weeks later when I was cleared to ride, I found myself back on my bike on top of the ramps back home.

This was a crucial perspective teaching moment and how majority of ya respond to stress, fear and pain, typically suppressing our dreams and aspirations for a vision we dream about.

What BMX has taught me over and over again is that if you fall down once, you get up twice and try again. This concept of perspective can be applied anywhere in life.

The more clarity I’ve gained in regards to perspective, the more and more I don’t add stories and meanings to an experience or situation the same way as I used to.

Rather than thinking “why is this happening to me” or feeling as if I want to quit and move on, I try to focus on “why is this happening for me” and how can I learn from this in order to move forward more efficiently and closer to my desired outcome.

Life is all about perspectives and choices and the moments of pain and challenge is what I believe highlights our personality and how we respond to life.

Once we gain clarity of our personality/state of being and decide how we want to move forward, we’re able to learn and grow with a choice to transcend our current realities.

I’ve been learning how our true personality is made up of our thoughts, feelings and actions, all of which are influenced by our experiences in this time and space.

What I’ve been learning and experiencing is being defined by a future vision in terms of what I choose my state of being / personality to be helps me overcome obstacles along the way and bring me closer to that desired outcome in my life.

We can choose to put our focus in a specific manner, which is where our energy goes. When we say “I don’t want….” rather than consciously choosing to focus on “I want….” the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference and focuses on the end of that phrase, ultimately influencing a chain of events influencing our personality and ultimately creating our personal reality.

I believe it starts with clarity of our personality and our personal reality, and the next steps are to focus on our desired outcomes / future, make a plan by reverse engineering that future to our current state, and acting accordingly with inspired purpose along the way.

Josh P.💚🧠✌️

FOR us

Life happens FOR us, NOT to us. That’s what I believe.

This belief allows us to transcend any undesirable reality we’re living because it means we have the power to change that reality with a focus on our perspective of our lives the events that take place.

Allowing our personality (thoughts, actions and emotions) to create our personal reality rather than allowing our personal reality dictate our personality is key.

The first step is creating a space of consciousness or awareness and observation without judgment. Once we’ve done this and identified some key aspects we were overlooking, we can then begin to catch ourselves in the moment and rewrite that story we’ve been telling ourselves or rewrote the action we’re taking now and will continue to do so moving forward.

If we want a new desirable reality, we have to overcome ourselves and our reality to do things differently. We must not be defined by our circumstances if we want to create something new in our lives.

“Doing the same thing expecting a new outcome is the definition of insanity” we’ve all heard before, but it’s so true when you stop and think about it.

I will leave you with these 4 questions I love asking at the end of my presentations.:

1- what do you want in your life?
2- what do you need in your life?
3- what’s holding you back from what you want & need?
4- what are you willing to do about it?

Tag a friend you believe would benefit from this post.

Josh P. 🧠💚✌️