Lance Armstrong

True or true?

Still have an email saved from 2010 post brian surgery that I wrote to @lancearmstrong and will share what that email container in person one day. I just know it!

Until then, I’ll just continue to share my gratitude and perspective I’ve gained from Lance over the years.

When I was originally diagnosed with the first brain tumor in 2010, I was on top of the world living out my dream as a pro BMX athlete beyond what I ever fathomed being possible.

When the diagnosis hit, I was a fresh 21 year old sitting in the doctors office ALONE waiting to get a report from a concussion I had received a few days prior. Never did I imagine I would be diagnosed with a massive brain tumor on accident.

I’m thankful it all happened and has worked out the way it has and Lance is one of many I have to thank for the mindset that was instilled in me on top of what my family, BMX, and my own journey instilled in me at a young age.

After a 6-hr surgery, 75 staples, and 16 stitches later, I was back riding in 5 weeks!

The fact that I’m still alive and able to love my life better than before is why I work so hard and share all I share.


Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Brain Health Is Wealth

Wealth starts in the brain.

Wealth consists of what we feed our brains: food, beverage, sleep, content consumption (social media, news, entertainment, etc.), desires, thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, exercise, mindfulness, perspectives, and so on.

Literally, every choice we make affects our brain.

If we want success, health, wealth, love and abundance within all of these areas, we have to begin by loving ourselves and that means loving our brains!

What do you do daily to love your brain?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Persistence is How I Made It Here

Persistence to land a trick has taught me many invaluable lessons in life.

To accept this kind of pain just to land a trick on your bike changes you mentally and subconsciously in such profound ways.

I wasn’t aware of it in the beginning but in my last few years competing and progressing, I started to become conscious to what was going on.

Now I harness it all for my purpose to serve and support those around me and willing to hear what I have to say.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Gratitude = Abundance

At a loss for words for receiving so much love and gratitude from everyone here at @justpruvit KetoKademy in Orlando, Florida!

You guys are amazing and I’m beyond grateful for the response after sharing my life with all of you.

I can’t stress enough the importance of perspective and how gratitude leads to abundance in our lives.

Love you all!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Steak Dinner

@jciake crushed dinner last night.

Steak from @butcher_box and a Brussels sprout salad she made with shredded Brussels, sun dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, bacon, ranch, and some spices / @redmondrealsalt.

An example of how easy and delicious a keto aligned meal can be while implementing a ketogenic strategy to improve your brains health and performance while also improving body composition, energy levels, and disease risk.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Keto Choices

Choices people, CHOICES.

Keto is NOT hard, unsustainable, or unhealthy.

You know what’s hard?

Suffering from a disease. Having your skull cut open to remove a tumor trying to kill you. Dealing with cancer. Loosing someone in your life. Feeling physical pain from things that could be avoided.

The list goes on.

That said, there’s a ton of context involved around those statements and it’s why I do all I do. From coaching to speaking, to investing my time, money, and energy into creating content that brings you all value.

All my efforts are context based and I believe we all have potential the become as healthy, happy, and successful as we believe we can become.

It’s all in our choices.

If anyone wants to prioritize the health of their brain and allow it to perform better and become more resilient to disease, utilizing the power of ketones as a tool and/or lifestyle can be a game changer.

There’s also a ton of support for body composition, energy, recovery, inflammation, oxidative stress, and so much more from ketones themselves along with the consciousness of all areas of life that keto has shown me.

Here’s an example of a dialed keto meal taken from Eastern: lamb, Brussels, and a zucchini boat stuffed with an artichoke spinach dip.

Some clean protein, non-starchy veggies, and plenty of fats.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Ups & Downs

Happiness is a choice.

Fostering a perspective of gratitude along with a mentality of “shit could always be worse” is my key to not letting the times of adversity keep me down.

I’m not happy every single moment of every single day, otherwise I wouldn’t be human.

I feel all the emotions just as all of you but my focus is on the vision for my life I created and I won’t let anything stop me from at least TRYING to obtain that vision.

That said, I put in the mental and physical work every single day as I audit my choices on a constant basis always thinking…

“how can I succeed in this effort?”

“what would it take?”

“what can I learn from this experience?”

what do I truly want?”

And really focus on the life I’ve been given and all the abundance within it.

In order to have light, we must have darkness just as if we say there’s an up then there has to be a down.

It’s the Hong and yang aspect of life and in order to have success, we must have tribulations, “failures”, and hardships.

It’s not easy, it’s SIMPLE.

With daily practice, just as any muscle becomes stronger, the mind builds strength and the actions we take on our visions manifest into our reality’s.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

You Are A Champion

We are all champions in the simple fact that we have all overcome the most difficult challenges life has thrown at us until this very moment in time.

That isn’t to say no more obstacles will present themselves in our futures. But, the past has built us up and shown us what’s possible when we want something bad enough.

I’ve been tested on and off my bike my whole life, both mentally and physically, and I’m truly grateful for all of it.

It’s shown me how strong I am and led me to my purpose of serving and supporting all of you.

Take some time to reflect on all the hardships you’ve experienced and how you’re still alive and able to move forward.

Focus on the fact that YOU are a champion and the only thing holding you back from more abundance is your mind and the belief YOU choose.

F all the noise out there and go after what you desire because YOU are a champion and DESERVE to be as healthy, happy, and successful as you truly believe.

I’m living proof that anyone can be successful despite whatever life throws our way.

Love you all!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️



Incredibly grateful for this woman bringing Danny and I into the world.

Grateful for the amazing things she’s instilled in us from working hard, not judging others for anything other than their character, how to budget but also how to reward ourselves appropriately, how to be strong and positive even when facing the hardest times in our lives, how to treat others we care about, and how to love life as much as we can.

Grateful for her being my number 1 fan and supporter my entire life and never allowing me to doubt myself no matter what I was going through.

My mom has always told me “go big and fly high” and has never let me not see the possibilities for my life when I give it my all and don’t give up.

To say I love and appreciate this woman is, of course, a given but doesn’t come close to expressing the true love and appreciation I have for my mom and all she’s been through in her life and all she’s done for my brother and I.

I love you, mom.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Thank You, BMX

I wouldn’t be where I am without my BMX bike.

The friends, the travels, the life lessons, the opportunities, the experiences, the ups and downs, and the challenge of getting to a top professional level of competition was an amazing journey.

All I do today is with the utmost respect for what BMX has done for me and what @DaveMirra did for the sport and my life directly.

Even tho I’ve removed myself from the competition side of riding and the BMX industry for the most part, BMX is still in my heart.

All I do today is with the backend thought BMX will be positively exposed to crowds that have never seen it properly, heard of it, or maybe didn’t take a second look at the sport for what it really is.

When I share my video and experiences on stage, people are always amazed by what we can all do on our bikes along with the mindset that fuels those actions we dismiss as it’s just what we do.

Today, BMX is a vehicle that carries my voice and story around the world and contributes to my journey moving forward to serve and support others as much as I can. It’s also a valuable educational tool I use to reflect on all its taught me over the years and how to apply those lessons in my life today with my business.

I’m incredibly grateful I found something at such a young age that consumed my being because had it not been for that focus, I wouldn’t be here today on a lot of different levels.

It’s why I believe everyone MUST have something they are passionate about and can progress with. It’s a great outlet for many purposes and keeps you pushing for something.

@joerogan referred to this as “creating your own struggle” on @aubreymarcus podcast. It’s so true. Rather than wait for some struggle to come at you despite what you want, create your own struggle to overcome like working out, sobriety, a clean diet, a project, that business you always wanted to start, and so on.

It’ll make you stronger, mentally and physically, and may bring more than you ever fathomed into your life. 📸 @jciake

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️