Power of Intention

There’s a lot of fear being shared right now.

I’ve learned that fear is a choice in thought that ultimately creates a chemical reaction known as a feeling or emotion.

These emotions influence our actions on a daily basis and if we’re not careful, it’ll form our identity moving forward.

Something I’ve learned from my virtual and personal mentors is that where our intention and focus goes, our energy flows.

If you’re worried about an outcome in the future that has not yet manifested, how do you think that’ll influence your emotions and actions?

Will it be aligned with your desired outcome or aligned with your fears?

More times than not, it’ll be aligned with whatever our majority focus is set on and it’s why it’s important to audit our thoughts.

It’s ok to think something as long as you don’t give too much energy and focus to it, if it’s an unwanted thought.

Easier said than done, especially right now, but it’s worth the effort from my experience.

Our unconscious mind/brain doesn’t know the difference between “I don’t want” and “I want” as it just takes in the part that follows either statement.

I’d love to know your thoughts so let me know!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️