Dr. Ryan Lowery

Over a year ago I sent a DM to @ryanplowery with little to no expectation to get a response.

Less than 24 hours later I received a video message response full of love and positivity.

Fast forward a year and now we’re homies traveling the world speaking together and collaborating to share the keto conversation.

Ryan, just as all of my friends, feel as if we’re family that didn’t know it.

I consider Ryan a brother of mine and am honored to be in each other’s life and excited for all the change we bring to the world along with all the adventure and fun we have along the way.

Also, stay tuned for more content regarding our SPECT imaging with @doc_amen and @justpruvit exogenous ketones, among with content from @theaspi and all the fitness testing were gonna run me through.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Persistence is How I Made It Here

Persistence to land a trick has taught me many invaluable lessons in life.

To accept this kind of pain just to land a trick on your bike changes you mentally and subconsciously in such profound ways.

I wasn’t aware of it in the beginning but in my last few years competing and progressing, I started to become conscious to what was going on.

Now I harness it all for my purpose to serve and support those around me and willing to hear what I have to say.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Gratitude = Abundance

At a loss for words for receiving so much love and gratitude from everyone here at @justpruvit KetoKademy in Orlando, Florida!

You guys are amazing and I’m beyond grateful for the response after sharing my life with all of you.

I can’t stress enough the importance of perspective and how gratitude leads to abundance in our lives.

Love you all!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

We NEED Adversity

3 years ago I got dropped from my bike sponsor halfway through ACL recovery with no notice.

That was my main source of income that I risked my life to obtain and represent the brand. It was $600/month but it paid my rent, utilities, and phone bill.

Thankfully, my mom taught me how to save and budget from an early age so I was fine. Fueled by spite, anger and rejection, I worked my butt off and placed top 3 in my first contest back.

That is one of many adversities I’ve used for my advantage.

It fueled my drive for success and challenged me to think of ways to replace that $600/month.

It put me on a new path where that’s not even 1/10 of my income per month today. I find the reason I live with so much abundance and success today is that I’m 100% on PURPOSE to serve and support.

I realize all the “problems” and “bad things happening to me” back then was a result of my choices in life and not having accountability for my reality.

Also, because I was solely on self and not grateful for the “little” I had, which could be seen as “much” to others.

Point of this story is to share how necessary adversity is for us to grow and progress past our current reality. Not just financially, but spiritually, personally, creatively, etc.

What adversity have you experienced and used for your?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️


Hearing “no” has always motivated to prove others wrong and that served me well most my life.

I find, today, that I’m motivated by my purpose, my vision and gratitude for my life and all that’s in it.

This new path has led me to surrounding myself with those that believe in what I believe and support me 100%.

What have you been told can’t be obtained but you don’t care because you’re going to make it happen anyways?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Thank You, BMX

I wouldn’t be where I am without my BMX bike.

The friends, the travels, the life lessons, the opportunities, the experiences, the ups and downs, and the challenge of getting to a top professional level of competition was an amazing journey.

All I do today is with the utmost respect for what BMX has done for me and what @DaveMirra did for the sport and my life directly.

Even tho I’ve removed myself from the competition side of riding and the BMX industry for the most part, BMX is still in my heart.

All I do today is with the backend thought BMX will be positively exposed to crowds that have never seen it properly, heard of it, or maybe didn’t take a second look at the sport for what it really is.

When I share my video and experiences on stage, people are always amazed by what we can all do on our bikes along with the mindset that fuels those actions we dismiss as it’s just what we do.

Today, BMX is a vehicle that carries my voice and story around the world and contributes to my journey moving forward to serve and support others as much as I can. It’s also a valuable educational tool I use to reflect on all its taught me over the years and how to apply those lessons in my life today with my business.

I’m incredibly grateful I found something at such a young age that consumed my being because had it not been for that focus, I wouldn’t be here today on a lot of different levels.

It’s why I believe everyone MUST have something they are passionate about and can progress with. It’s a great outlet for many purposes and keeps you pushing for something.

@joerogan referred to this as “creating your own struggle” on @aubreymarcus podcast. It’s so true. Rather than wait for some struggle to come at you despite what you want, create your own struggle to overcome like working out, sobriety, a clean diet, a project, that business you always wanted to start, and so on.

It’ll make you stronger, mentally and physically, and may bring more than you ever fathomed into your life. 📸 @jciake

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

You Are Not Alone.

You’re not alone.

You’re not broken.

You’re not weird.

You have nothing to feel embarrassed about.

You have no reason not to attack each day with the same enthusiasm as before any bit of adversity faced you head on.

No one can take away the same choice we all have within us and that’s our mindset.

We choose what to believe in, what to focus our thoughts on, and what mental exercising we choose to participate in each day.

For me, the choice of gratitude to still be alive and have the opportunity to make my tomorrow better keeps me going. To believe in the fact that our mind and eyes are much more than viewers but how they’re also projectors for our lives.

To believe shit could always be worse if we’re alive, breathing, and have the luxuries of walking, talking, seeing, having clean running water, not being hungry, having clean clothing and a bed to sleep in, having a device in which we’re reading this post, and all the other things we tend to take for granted as living human beings.

No matter what hardship you’re facing, you’re not alone. Others, like myself, can relate to many forms of hardship and are here to support you however we can.

YOU just have to CHOOSE to find the courage to reach out for support and keep moving forward for what you want in your life.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Mess To Messgage

I turned what I thought was my “mess” into my message today with a higher purpose than myself.

My WHY has transformed from self, fueled by spite and anger to prove others wrong, to purpose.

A purpose to serve and support others so they can empower themselves to become the healthiest, happiest, and most successful versions of themselves.

I do this because I don’t want people to suffer and fall short of their potential in life as I was in my past.

I believe I had to go through what I went though to learn and make changes because I was stubborn but also because I was able to overcome the adversity and share my successes as a form of teaching.

All I’ve learned up until this point as a 30 year old has been distilled into these 3 principles I love sharing:

1) perspective is essential and gratitude is the key to abundance.

2) health is internal, not numbers on the scale or what’s on the outside.

3) our reality is a manifestation of our choices.

Audit your choices and if they’re serving you or not.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Thermometer or Thermostat

I believe we all have a choice.

A choice to become a survivor or a victim. React to life or be proactive in life.

I love how Jim Kwik puts it as comparing a thermostat to a thermometer. A thermostat controls the environment and a thermometer reacts to an environment.

I know we can’t control our lives but we can control our choices, which will manifest a reality one way or another. Or choices in food, thoughts, and physical activity.

We can choose to be proactive and prevent unwanted realities, or we can live our lives in auto-pilot and react to events as they come. I choose to follow a ketogenic diet & lifestyle for my 🧠, choose to educate myself on a daily basis, choose to serve others and help support them, and choose to hold myself accountable for my reality.

I was living my life as a thermometer and just reacting to my environment until I was 21 and told I was going to die from a massive brain tumor taking residence on the left half of my brain. It took that life or death situation to audit my choices, foster self-awareness, and make the choice to become empowered over my reality.

I share not to brag, but to inspire you all to take action as a thermostat for your life rather than reacting to your life environment/reality as a thermometer.

I don’t want others to suffer as I did and be forced to react to a situation. I want your choices to come from move rather than fear.

-Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Second Chances

I had a large brain tumor taking over my life and 4 currently trying.

Health is internal.

I learned the hard way after a BMX crash led to a life-saving MRI where they found the first tumor taking over half my brain.

Wrapped around an artery and my optic nerve, the surgery complications led to a 6hr surgery. When I woke up, it was the best moment in my life.

Almost like second chance.

For the first time in about a year or so, I wasn’t in pain and could see, hear, and move my body after signing paperwork acknowledging all those risks on top of death being a possibility.

The story doesn’t end there and to be short, I’ve been diagnosed 2 more times since the original surgery leaving me with a total of 4 tumors in my skull today. 2 in which shrunk thanks to Gamma Knife and the other 2 haven’t progressed since changing my life.

The last 8 years of experiences have led me to a ketogenic diet and lifestyle, learning about the importance of mindset, perspective, choices, the ego, and consciousness, and has given me clarity around my purpose.

-Josh P. 💚✌️

Thanks to Mark Metry for the conversation and opportunity to share! 💯🙏🏼