Reboot Fot Keto Adaptation

August 18th starts the next Prüvit Rebøøt, who’s in?

”Give me 2-3 days 100% effort and you won’t crave sugar” (Dr. Eric Westman), especially if you use the Rebøøt to initiate the keto adaptation process.

Keto and fat adaptation is the process of your body recognizing how to burn fat for fuel, make ketones from said fat, and learn to uptake and utilize ketones for fuel efficiently over time.

Being fat and keto adapted can be a game changer for your physical and mental performance, body composition, disease risk factors, recovery and ability to handle stress, reduce your rate of aging, and help support so much more undesirable ailments we as a society suffer from on a chronic basis.

The epigenetic (ability to influence and change gene expression) effects of ketones are truly profound as Dr. Ryan Lowery and I have been showing with medical imaging and testing, and Dr Andra Campitelli presents and she mentions how 75% of our genes may be influenced due to lifestyle choices.

The Rebøøt is a great way for people to reset their metabolism for the first time, after some indulgence, straying away from the ketogenic diet, or as a monthly mental challenge and metabolic/mitochondria boost.

Mitochondria are what’s responsible for creating energy in our body and when we can optimize their effectiveness and resilience, our body functions more optimally.

The Rebøøt is a great way to optimize your mitochondria and strengthen your fat metabolism, further supporting keto adaptation.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Want To Become A Fat-Burner?

In order to burn fat, we must switch our genes from sugar-burning to fat-burning. In order to do that, it takes time! In short, this is also what it takes: mindset, nutrition, and fitness. Today, I want to share about an advanced technique I use and guide my clients to eventually utilizing: FAT-Fasted workouts. Specifically, full-body workouts.

Full body workouts are the best for stimulating lipolysis (fat burning) and mobilizing the fat.

Although you can get health and body composition benefits from a ketogenic diet, exercise helps increase the rate at which you see and feel the benefits.

Strength training specifically helps burn what’s called glycogen (stored sugar) in the muscles as well as the liver.

In order to get the solar energy production of ketones (by-product of burning fat), we have to deplete the glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. A ketogenic diet and exercise is the best way to do this, for a number of reasons.

8-27-18 FAT-Fasted Workout

👉🏼4×6 back squat & pistol squats (each side)

👉🏼4×8 bent rows (each side), pull ups, toes to bars, & side planks (10breaths each side)

👉🏼3×12 kettle bell swings & goblet squats

Another interesting thing to note is that when someone has a lot of belly fat to remove, there is typically a lot of fat stored in the liver that needs to be burned. This is why some may not notice too much of a change in the belly fat for some time until the liver is cleaned out.

The liver is what produces ketones once glycogen stores are deleted but it also is where fat may be deposited from a poor diet. So, again, a ketogenic diet is a great tool to implement for some time to get the desired results. Then, once we are happy with our results, a lifestyle approach can be discussed in the context of the individual and their goals.

The Problem – most people don’t want to take the time to do this correctly and end up rushing the process, only to:

  1. Push through with WILLPOWER until that runs out and they lose the bandwidth to continue.
  2. Suffer through the process with another un-sustainable approach leading to failure.
  3. Not see the results they are looking for all together and give up.
  4. Harm themselves in the process of rushing.

I personally took a few of these approaches until landing on the process I now use with my clients on a journey guiding them to success. It starts with the CLARITY & WHY behind the initial GOALS, progresses with GRATITUDE & TRUSTING the PROCESS, and manifests into a TRANSFORMATIONAL new version of yourself that lasts a lifetime. 💚✌️

Want to learn more about making changes TODAY to improve your brain’s health, remove excess body fat, gain more energy, improve sleep & recovery, clear up inflammation & digestive issues, and put cravings at bay all while worrying less about food?

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-Josh P.

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