Why Pruvit is the superior exogenous ketone on the market…

@justPruvit uses the exact isomer that the body naturally produces.


When you’re on a ketogenic diet and your body is producing ketones, it’s in the form of “r-BHB” (D form).

Every other supplement out there uses a mixture of D and L forms of BHB. Pruvit is the only supplement brand utilizing only the exact r-BHB isomer.

The “D” form of BHB is a biologically active form that the body can utilize as effectively and efficiently as possible compared to racemic forms of BHB.

Racemic forms of BHB are either non-biological forms of BHB or a mixture of some “D” form of BHB combined with mostly non-biologically active forms.

You use exogenous ketone supplements in the form of “salts” as ketones have to be bound to something and salts are a better platform for binding to BHB.

The Keto//UP from Pruvit happens to be the ONLY free-acid form of BHB coming in a canned beverage form rather than the salt form you mix with water.

The benefit of this liquid form is a quicker rise in blood ketone levels, which gives you quicker superior energy.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather have my hard-earned money go towards the real deal that my body has a real chance of uptaking into the cells and utilizing for energy and it’s other benefits to the brain and body.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️