From Broke BMX Athlete to 7-figure Earner

This is my good friend @joshuapmorse.

Josh and I used to ride BMX together. We used to landscape together. We used to party together.

Just stopped riding and built a phone flipping business. He then became the top earner for Verizon making 10-30G’s a month before moving to real estate.

Josh went from being called “dumb Josh” to now having a net worth larger than most will make in a lifetime all while enjoying every day of his life.

Josh drinks @justpruvit ketones as he knows taking care of his brain health means true wealth.

@jciake and I sat Josh down while he was visiting (he moves to Raleigh soon) to share his story and mindset of what it takes to persevere and create true wealth in all areas of his life for The Grey Matters Podcast.

Stay tuned for the drop next week!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Training Is Just For Money? 

Training isn’t about “money”, “winning”, or any other nonsense people want to say it is. At least for me and what I represent. 
Training is about taking care of my health and my performance with the thing I love most in life, and creating longevity for all the above. Yeah, training will improve your riding. But that doesn’t mean it’s focused on money or winning. 
Take me for example, I decided to not compete this year nor take a paycheck from anything bmx related. I still rode at a level to compete and also trained in the gym. That was my personal decision to do so for my health and performance on my bike. It’s made tricks easier, recovering more efficient, sessions stretch longer without fatigue, and increased the ability to take the physical stress from landing or falling on a trick. What’s also an equal part of this equation is nutrition and mindset. 
That being said, all this shit about “bmx is just about fun” and blah blah blah is just that, shit. Ones ignorance and insecurity at its finest along with inability to embrace others to do something similar yet take a different approach. Nothing about my riding or career says anything but fun and love for it. If I was focused on money, I would have kept the job I had in high school making twice what I’ve ever made from bmx, which would have been way more by now as well. I don’t do anything for money, I donit for the love! 
Bmx has led me to where I am today, shown me paths to passions I’ve developed along the way, shown me the world, saved my life, and gave me a outlet to share my story and passions. Some, like myself, find training fun as well as the benefits that transfer over to the bike to be fun. 
It’s funny how many riders enjoy training just from the health perspective and enjoyment, let alone the riding benefits, and the disciplines of riding that people least expect one rider in such a discipline or stay of riding to train. 
At the end of the day, if you love something, do what you love! Don’t be afraid others doing it differently or taking a different approach will change whatever it is for you. Bmx is a lifestyle and anyone who wants to use the term “freestyle” to say it has to be one way and can’t involved progressive new ideas is missing the whole point of “freestyle”. 
What’s wrong with someone loving the sport of BMX so much that they decide to make a career out of it? What’s wrong with someone putting their heart, blood, sweat, and tears into something for so long they want to make a career out it that and share it with others? What’s wrong with making money in any form that’s positive? There isn’t anything wrong with it other than the judgmental people’s views that have a negative relationship and story with money. 
I’ve said this before, money is a tool. It’s not good nor evil. It what you make it. There isn’t anything wrong with someone making money at what they live rather than what society has been washed into thinking the way they just make money- unfulfilled, stressed, no enjoyment, 9-5, hourly pay, etc. 
BMX is something special to me a lot of other riders. The amount of sacrifice, dedication, and pain that has gone into should be enough to not need an explanation for training or even making money from the time and skill that goes into it. 
I encourage you all to take a risk on what you love, ignore the haters, and believe in the life you want. Why live to do something you don’t enjoy just to make money when you could do what you love to make money and enjoy the fuck out of your life? 
I train so my brain, body, and riding all benefit. Not for money. For me! For what I am and what I want to show up as in life. I don’t care what others think because I know my truth and I’m being 100% authentic in life. 
Until next time….💚✌️
-Josh P. 

Uninspired “WORK”

We worry & focus on money too much!

Money is just a tool.

It’s important yet has no true value or meaning other than what we instill upon it. 

If you had a million dollars, would you be happy? If it just sat in a room & you couldn’t take it out or “spend” it, would you sill love it so much? Of course not. It’s not the money, it’s what you’d do with it and the emotional response it’d bring with it.

I encourage all of us to focus on the things we enjoy in life, the things we love doing most or would love to do most, and the emotional state it’d bring along with doing these things. Not the money.

When we focus on the things we love, actively pursue those things we love, and create that emotional response and space of the energy we live in, we can then attract the money. It may not show up in the form of a lump sum in your bank account. But, it’ll show up in the form of opportunity.

There is plenty of money out there for us all to live abundant lives. We just much choose to recognize it and believe we are all worthy of receiving it.

Uninspired work to make a dollar doesn’t lead to fulfillment and abundance. It may pay the bills but always have you working to make that money rather than enjoying what you’re doing and contributing to society as your best and happiest version that we all owe the universe and one another.

Wouldn’t you rather be inspired to contribute your talents, passions, skills, help, love, etc. to the world and show up happy and motivated every day? Or would you rather wake up dreading your daily tasks and way of providing for yourself, thus keeping you uninspired, unhappy, stressed, and feeling in lack?

I choose inspired work. I choose to work for a purpose I believe in. I choose the belief that I am worthy of abundance and that we all are, and that we all have something unique to contribute. I choose love!

It’s a belief. People are not just rich or poor because that is so. It’s a belief in which they make that a reality or sustain that reality.

We can choose to see the world as it is and be “right” in our claims about why it is so, or we can choose to make a difference in our lives and live an inspired and happy life. It’s a choice. Not a fact.

What do you choose? 💚✌️


-Josh P.