Triple Down on Your Strengths 

Bet on your strengths and punt your weaknesses.

Punt, don’t give up. If you punt, you’re still in the game.”

– @PaulRabil @garyvee

Well said, guys! Although it took me a while to understand I was doing this ever since I was a child, I fully support this concept. I see too many friends and family, and society altogether, follow a path in life because it is what they are told is going to be needed or a hot industry.

Rather than pursuing what they love and or are good at, they pursue what society dictates to be valuable and usually they don’t succeed and then end up depressed.

When we go all in on our strengths and follow our passions and true desires, success follows. When we pursue a life we don’t believe in and doesn’t fulfill us, we tend to be unsuccessful and live in the negativity such a path provides.

We all determine what success is in our own ways but health, happiness, gratitude, and abundance are what I believe success to be. When you have money, things, and titles at the expense of your health and happiness, YOU ARE NOT WINNING.

-Josh P.