Impatience Comes From Expectations

(Day-8) 21-day Meditation / New Habit Creation challenge.

“Impatience often comes off the back of expectations.”

This quote is very powerful and resonates with me more than most things I’d say. Patience has always been a difficult practice for me but the more I study the art of meditation and patience, the more I learn how I have opportunities in my life to practice patience more and how I can recognize what I’m choosing to focus on, which is creating the impatience.

Im learning, like all our emotions, patience is internal and not caused by anyone or anything other than our own thoughts and focus. This emotion is triggered by a thought, which then follows with an action and creates a result.

My buddy @david_goodall introduced this method to me called the “TEAR” method. Thoughts-Emotions- Actions- Results.

This method in combination with my daily meditation practice has allowed me to create new thoughts & emotions, which creates new actions and results. In terms of this 10-day patience pack from the @headspace app, the TEAR method has allowed me to identify my impatience has come from expectations I’ve put on my actions with my business and when I didn’t see the results I expected, I became impatient.

Now that I have recognized where the impatience has come from that I’ve created, I can shift my focus on new thoughts and actions to create new emotions and results in my life. It’s not easy, but it’s that simple. Just takes a bit of effort, which I’ve committed myself to for the life vision I’ve created. 💚✌️

-Josh P.