Focus: the center of interest or activity | pay particular attention to.

My focus was BMX.

My focus was myself.

My focus was proving others wrong.

My focus was making my dream a reality.

Then my focus shifted to staying alive after being diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was 21, 23, and again when I was 28.

After the third diagnosis and my younger brother taking his life, my focus has shifted all-in on a purpose to inspire perspective in others to take care of their brains and show them the potential we all have in life but don’t tap into it due to fear.

One aspect of my life I’m super passionate about is living a ketogenic lifestyle and how ketones have amazing ability to improve our focus among many other profound brain health benefits like mental health and increased resilience and energy production.

I’m stoked to have readily available and bio-active forms of exogenous ketones thanks to @justpruvit.

Until recently, the only form of exogenous ketones was in the form of a salt based powdered you mix with water.

Then came along Keto//UP, which is a liquid version of exogenous ketones in a free-cell technology that isn’t bound to a salt/powder.

You just crack open the can and enjoy but what’s interesting about this form of exogenous ketones is that it hits your bloodstream even more rapidly than the salt form.

This allows for quicker absorption and uptake by the brain and other cells in the body.

Thanks to SPECT imaging with @doc_amen and @ryanplowery, I have scans looking at my brain in terms of blood flow, focus, mental clarity, ADHD support, improved testing abilities, and other cognitive benefits from exogenous ketones.

What do you do for focusing in your life? Have you tried a ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones?

Thanks to @d_sunrise_w for the images and @justpruvit for having me speak and perform.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️