Investing In My Purpose

Along the last 10 years, I’ve awaken to the opportunity my life experiences have presented me with to inspire perspective in others that leads to a belief in ones self to create the life they desire and to make changes that manifest that desire from a place of joy and inspiration.

I believe we all have the potential to achieve greatness in our lives and are capable of much more than we tend to believe is possible for ourselves.

BMX injuries and enduring such pain to achieve a goal set me up to overcome some of my life’s toughest challenges. Being diagnosed with a massive brain tumor at the young age of 21 after riding X-Games (a childhood dream) showed me what more I possessed internally in regards to strength, courage, belief, and possibilities.

My mission in life is to inspire a perspective shift in others that leads to a belief of such potential in power to achieve what only we believe we’re capable of from that place of inspiration rather than pain and suffering as I learned from.

I believe we can become proactive in our lives rather then reactive, ultimately making the process to achieve our goals much more efficient and enjoyable.

People say any of the three brain tumor diagnosis have to be the worst things to happen in my life but I believe they’re the best things to happen to me as they showed me what I was capable of, gave me a voice for those that are hiding behind fear and have allowed me to inspire others to let go of fear and see what’s possible, changed the trajectory of my life in such beautiful ways I couldn’t have asked for, and put me on a path full of purpose rather than focused on myself.

That said, I’ve invested in @createdbybrian to work with me to share my story, my perspectives,and all I can to help others around the world on a larger scale.

I never fathomed being in a position to pay someone more than I’ve ever made in my past to help fuel my life’s mission but as I reflect, it makes sense as to majority of my focus being on the vision I’ve been creating and critiquing as the years go by.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️