Keto is “Difficult”?

Prioritizing your health via lifestyle choices isn’t “difficult”. What’s difficult is being diagnosed with a brain tumor and told you may die with or without the surgery.

What’s difficult is living in a state of pain and suffering whole accepting this state to be a new reality you’ll always live in.

What’s difficult is watching those you love suffer with no control and in worst case scenarios, not wake up to see a new day.

I’m here to share how lack of prioritizing my brains health, and making lifestyle choices we often dismiss as harmless because of how “normal” it is, all led me to finding and researching keto and a level of consciousness.

I believe keto is not a food, it’s not a diet, it’s not who you are or what you do, it’s a metabolic state that can be achieved in various forms for various people and their goals.

It’s a profound state of optimal brain energy and is a lifestyle that’s naturally reduces body fat mass, inflammation, oxidative stress (free radicals), and disease risk factors.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I’d live a ketogenic lifestyle, I’d first ask what is that and then I’d follow that up with saying how crazy you were that you’d ask me to give up my soda and candy, or go hours, let alone days without eating anything but water and salt.

Who I am today is vastly different than who I was when I began my BMX journey and although I believe consciousness is the first step to creating the life we desire, that piece came to my awareness last after nutrition and fitness.

My favorite part of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle is the level of consciousness that’s transcended into all aspects of my life.

I believe it’s my responsibility to share my journey & experiences with others in an effort to shift perspective in terms of what we think food, health, and our reality really are.

What most of us forget or even lack the basic understanding of, is that we have a profound ability to shift our reality based on the choices we make every single day.

A choice to see the world & our lives from a new perspective that serves our desires rather than limits our potential to be healthy & happy.

My effort is to help facilitate this shift.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️