Gratitude & Progression > Spite & Lack

Don’t get that quote wrong, I live and breath gratitude.

That said, I’m competitive at heart as we all are.

I didn’t make a name for myself in this world by being content.

I strived for more and pushed myself to reach new levels every step of the way.

I was fueled by a lot of spite and anger leading to my success as a professional athlete.

Then, after the first brain tumor diagnosis, my perspective shifted to one of gratitude for my life and all that was in it.

This sense of gratitude led me to wanting even more in my life, which led me on a path of serving others along the way.

What’s the use in my success if others can’t experience their success as well?

At the end of the day, it’s human nature to progress our lives in areas were passionate about.

What this journey up until this moment has taught me is that gratitude leads to abundance in all areas of life.

A simple perspective shift to that of gratitude not only changes our chemical make up, but it also attracts alike vibes from our external environments.

Sounds woohoo and all that but it’s backed by science that we can se and measure, and my life is a clear example of just that.

Gratitude & progression > spite and lack.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Can’t Have Abundance Without Gratitude

There isn’t a single thing anyone wants.

Just the emotional response that “thing” triggers and the emotional state you’re living in once that “thing” is obtained. What would it take to live in that state of happiness, gratitude, ease, love, high energy, & optimism….now?

People and things don’t make you happy. YOU make you happy. It’s a choice. You either choose to be happy, or you choose to be happy because of this or that.

When you let go of the resistance to what you think will make you happy…”I’ll be happy when…fill in the blank…..” and choose to be happy because you’re grateful to be alive, then and only then will you find yourself feeling prospered in all the interests of your life. The universe provides you with your desires, “good” or “bad”. That’s only determined by your state of being and what you are focusing on.

Are you focusing on what you don’t have and living in lack? Hence, “I’ll be happy when I get that job, get that house, make that money, buy that car, find that significant other, etc, etc.”. Or are you living in gratitude for what you have, and because you know what you don’t enjoy/what, you do know what you enjoy and desire in life?

That’s the goal and that’s when the things we want and desire appear in our lives. When we let go of the lack, stress, worry, fear, judgment, anger, and suffering, and focus on what we do enjoy and are grateful for, the rest comes easy. It’s our choice.

Can’t have abundance without gratitude. 💚✌️


-Josh P.