Ketones Changed My Brain

Josh Perry and Dr. Ryan Lowery get the results from their 3 SPECT scans at Amen Clinics to see if Prüvit exogenous ketones have an impact on their brain.

The results actually shock everyone as Josh & Ryan are the first to ever look at the brain in a ketogenic state under SPECT imaging.

Thanks, Dr. Daniel Amen and Amen Clinics for the SPECT imaging and support.

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Josh Perry is a former professional BMX athlete, motivational speaker, and certified holistic health coach who is fighting 4 brain tumors. Josh suffered a head injury in 2010 that led to an MRI, revealing an 8cm long/2cm wide/2 cm deep meningioma brain tumor. After a 6 hour brain surgery, 75 staples, and a16 stitches later, Josh returned to professional level BMX competition.

2 years later 2 tumors grew back and Josh used Gamma Knife Radiotherapy to shrink them. 5 years after that, 2 new tumors popped up, leaving him with 4 today, but after implementing a ketogenic diet, Josh’s 1 and 2 year MRI’s showed no progression of the 4 tumors in his skull.

Josh launched a health coaching business to inspire and help others to improve their brain health so they can transform into the most successful versions of themselves. Josh now travels the world to speak and is a soon to be author.


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