Drink Your Fat

Do you drink your fat?
We all know that our morning cup of coffee can get us moving, but how long does that quick energy boost really last? Usually, by late morning or early afternoon, the dreaded “crash” makes its way into our day leading to unhealthy choices like too much caffeine or sugar overload.
Instead, adding “healthy fats” to your morning cup can provide more sustained energy as these fats are the most energy packed macronutrient and can support your fat-burning machinery.
I use @wildfoodsco coffee & 🍄powder (code “WILDJOSH12” for 12% off entire order) and @perfectketones MCT oil powder (code “JoshPerry” for 15% off entire order) for those 🧠 boosting ketones🔥
Drinking fat made all the world of a difference for my energy levels and ability to effortlessly begin my fasting routine. It has also helped me add in the fats required for nutritional ketosis when I first began my keto journey and couldn’t fathom adding in even more fat and where to add it.
Drinking your fat can supply you with a “fat fast”, which aligns with a ketogenic diet and lifestyle but also helps curb hunger and allows you to adjust to a strict intermittent fasting routine. Consuming fat to start your day, minus carbs and protein, can improve your mental focus, energy, clarity, and help reduce inflammation that comes with a traditional westernized meal of grains, fruit, juices, sugar, etc.
So #drinkyourfat ladies and gents!
– Josh P. 💚🧠✌️
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Bulletproof Podcast with Josh Perry

I am honored to share this conversation between Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof COffee) and I on this episode of the Bulletproof Radio Podcast!


“Why you should listen –

Professional BMX athlete Josh Perry was just hitting his career stride when he was diagnosed with the first of three brain tumors at just 21 years old. But even after suffering through brain surgery and recovery, his spirit stayed strong, his resilience stayed intact, and he came out on the other side of his health odyssey with more fire and gratitude than ever before. Josh joins Dave to discuss how BMX saved his life, how he harnessed the power of holistic nutrition and new technologies like Gamma Knife radiosurgery to fight cancer, how to be your own best health advocate, and how he’s sharing his story of survival to advocate for brain health awareness. It’s an inspiring and cool story of triumph you won’t want to miss!

Enjoy the show!”

BMX Superstar, Brain Tumor Survivor and Advocate: Josh Perry’s Amazing Story of Triumph – #421

-Josh P.


This is my daily routine/taking the action step towards an idea, goal & dream that I referred to. A cup of coffee with brain fueling healthy fats (Kerrygold grass-fed butter and organic coconut oil) while handling business.

It’s great to have goals and dreams, but an idea stuck in our minds typically doesn’t manifest into much more than a thought. A belief and feeling it’ll work out, followed by action, is required to ensure you manifest your thoughts into reality. It may be a whiteboard (which I’ll be sharing more of that with all of you this year), an email, an outline, a social media post, trying a new trick in the foam pit for the first time, asking out that special person that’s caught your eye, applying to a school of your dreams, approaching an idol of yours to create together (more on this from me soon) going for that promotion, etc. It doesn’t matter, TAKE ACTION!

I’m beyond stoked to share my new website with all of you once we get the final touches updated. It’ll be merging with my blog www.DailyBrainstorms.com as a way to share more of who I am with all of you, on and off the bike.

-Josh P.