Ketones are NOT magic fat burning pills.

Conventional wisdom says glucose is the preferred fuel source for the brain /body but did you know that even in the presence of elevated levels of glucose, the brain, heart, & lungs will use ketones for fuel first?

What’s sad is that most of society doesn’t know how to unlock/activate them, or that they even exist within us or that we can consume them via drinking them.

The old way tells us that carbs are necessary & healthy, fat makes you fat, & experts continue to say the key to increasing health & performance is to eat less, move more, follow restrictive bland diets & lower your fat intake.

An important factor to know is that a natural byproduct of making energy from any food source & oxygen is the creation of chemicals called free radicals, which are normal & healthy as long as they stay in check.

Too many free-radicals are like pinballs bouncing around the cells causing damage & inflammation, which can lead to things like brain fog, declined energy & performance, fat accumulation & are the cause of major disease like diabetes, cancer, heart disease & so on..if not addressed. Carbs yield more free-radicals than fat/ketones do & carbs produce less ATP (our body’s’ energy currency) per molecule than ketones.

Ketones are a byproduct of burning fat.

Ketones are essentially powerful energy & signaling molecules. Think of them as little biological hackers that can reprogram your genes to work in your favor & at the same time they are like these little motivational speakers running all throughout your blood. Imagine what it would feel like to have that running through your veins during the day & how much better you’d feel.

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-Josh P. 💚🧠✌️