Patience, A Piece Of Mind

(Day 11) 21-Day Meditation / New Habit Creation Challenge.

“These feelings, they’ll come and go. We don’t have to react to them. We don’t have to buy into them.”

I just finished a 10 day pack of the @headspace “patience” pack and I learned a lot. I’ll also be revisiting this pack again shortly.

The biggest take away for me is two-fold. 1- patience is a byproduct of expectation. 2- patience is really just another way of saying peace of mind.

That said, patience isn’t about controlling your emotions or thoughts. It’s about having the understanding that they’re just emotions and thoughts that only have power over us when we choose to allow that to be so.

I tend to find myself being impatient when I’m really focused on a goal, taking non stop action, and building expectations rather than having faith in my actions that align with my desires.

I attended a @toastmastersinternational (public speaking club) meet last night and a woman who presented talked about “cause & effect”. Basically, the energy you put out, whether it be physical or mental, is what you will receive in return. This is so because of the law of cause and effect states for every action, there is a reaction.

To conclude, patience is another perspective of having faith that the energy and work you put out, you’ll see return to you. We must let go of expectations, worry, and fear and embrace reciprocity-being able to receive.💚✌️

-Josh P.