JP Weeklies (series) walks you through my life as a Pro-BMX athlete and brain tumor survivor navigating my career towards what matters most to me, providing support to those in need while challenging the status quo. JP Weeklies follows my personal life’s journey from a raw, authentic, and unfiltered perspective as I create my charity event, Brainy BMX.

Hi, my name is Josh Perry, and I’m a pro BMX athlete living with 4 brain tumors. I have combined my gratitude for this life changing experience along with my passions for overcoming adversity, living a healthy lifestyle, and giving back to others. I have created Brainy BMX, which is a live event focusing on education, inspiration, and direct financial patient care.

I believe my purpose from the experiences in my life is to share my story to empower children to take care of their brain and overall health, while also having a voice in the world. I found BMX as an escape from an abusive step-father, a way to ease my brain from ADHD, a form of creativity, a way to see the world while providing for myself, and a social network spreading across the globe, and now I want to share it with the world.

As a professional BMX freestyle athlete, my body has seen a lot of stress in the form of mental and physical stress. I have undergone a 6-hour open cranial surgery (2010) to remove a tumor taking up the left half of my brain and followed up with Gamma Knife Radio Treatment 2 years later for a residual growth of 2 new tumors (2012). A full ACL/Meniscus reconstructive surgery in 2015 to clean up my knee from an injury in 2013. In March 2017, I was diagnosed with new tumors on the opposite side of my brain. I have also battled depression and anxiety, which almost allowed me to play the “victim” card and quite riding and following my dream.

Through all of these experiences, I have fostered a strong, confident, and positive mindset not to let these obstacles define me or take over my life.

Welcome to my life and thanks for joining the ride!