Be In The Moment

(Day-14) 21-day Meditation / New Habit Creation Challenge.

“If we’re too caught up in thinking, then we’re not able to focus 100% on delivering the message the way we’d like.”

This quote makes so much sense to me for the fact I have noticed when I share from a place of love, gratitude, and free of judgment, and am in the moment rather than thinking about anything other than that moment, my message comes off 100% authentic.

When I get caught up in the worry of being judged, being clear in my message so it’s understood, messing up, or anything other than my WHY, or my purpose, my message wouldn’t come off the way I wanted it to and would not serve my efforts.

Todays marks 2 weeks of meditating, which has allowed a lot of internal resistance to come to the surface and allow me to be very self-aware. This is critical if you want to change or create a new outcome for your life, especially if you want to share what you believe with the world so you can see the change take place you desire.

I am not perfect by any means, but by adopting this regular daily (sometimes more than once/day) practice of slowing down to focus on the breath and the outcomes I desire in my life, I have been able to implement it in my every day life and become aware of when I am getting lost in the thoughts that do not serve me. 💚✌️

-Josh P.