Vague Nerve

(Day-15) 21-day Meditation / New Habit Creation Challenge.

“As long as we’re alive, our breath is with us.

Do you take time to focus on your breath, in and out of your meditation practice?

I’ve been learning more and more that our thoughts create our emotions that creates our actions, which manifests our realities.

A trick that meditation has reminded me of from what I learned in Dr. Mark Hyman’s docuseries “Broken Brain”, which is the base of meditation to me, is that focusing our attention to our breath actually calms down our vagus nerve. The vagus nerve extends from our brain stem to our guts, which actually releases a lot of chemicals that affects our physical being.

These chemicals can be addictive. So, along with nutrition and exercise, meditation and focus on the breath can calm down our vagus nerve and chemicals manufactured in our guts.

When we can calm everything down internally with the physical self, we can then allow space for new desirable thoughts that trigger a new positive emotional state, which leads to new actions to create a new result/ reality. 💚✌️

-Josh P.