Energetic Flows To Where Your Focus Goes

(Day 18) 21-day Meditation / New Habit Creation Challenge

“Where your focus goes, energy flows.

I recently stated using @tonyrobbins 10-minute “priming” exercise to start my day.

Start with radically changing your breath followed by 3 minutes of gratitude, 3 minutes of positive thoughts/prayers for others in your life, and 3 minutes of goals & visualization.

The idea behind it is to “prime” your day of the thoughts and beliefs YOU want, rather than what the world full of noise tells us.

The noise from others limiting beliefs, others experiences, or our own past experiences and beliefs tend to discredit the possibility in our lives.

When we “prime” our conscious mind, we can begin to clear out the noise and take action on what we desire. 💚✌️

-Josh P.