A New Vision & Consciousness

(Day-21) 21-Day Meditation / New Habit Creation Challenge.

“The more we can witness change, directly or experimentally, the less defined we sort of become as a person.”

I’ve always been pretty open to change in my life, both consciously and subconsciously, until the “auto pilot” set in and was revealed in my consciousness.

I had a vision when I was younger to create a life I saw on tv (BMX) and fell in love with. After over a decade living that vision, experiences showed me new passions in and for my life.

These experiences and new passions led me to starting a business sharing my experiences and passions with others in an effort to influence change and empower others to live a life free of pain and sufferings while becoming the healthiest and happiest possible.

The resistance to change that came up with this new choice in direction was because I never slowed down to envision a new life. I also learned I was spreading myself too thin on what I was saying yes to, which wasn’t aligned with my main focus. This is when the negative thoughts and emotions came on.

I’m becoming very self aware of change and how I react to change, which has empowered me to not get lost in meanings of events rather make a choice as to how I want to continue moving forward and if it’s aligned with my goal. I feel this is where I would get lost in the past with defining who I was, based on my past rather than who I am in the moment and strive to become.

I’m grateful for this 21-day challenge and all I’ve learned about myself and continue to learn moving forward. 💚✌️

-Josh P.