Danny Reflection 7-2-19

Not a day goes by I don’t think of how much I miss my brother and all the things I’d go back and do to prevent him not being here today.

I’m just thankful I have moments like this captured on video and the fact that he lives on through my words and actions while I carry his ashes on my wrist in my bracelet everywhere I go.

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Happy Birthday, Danny. I miss you so much! Danny would have been 27 today and it’s insane to think that he’s no longer here in the physical form with us. This is the last/recent footage I have with my younger brother before he passed almost a year ago. He came out to see me ride one day the other summer and I was vlogging the session so he hopped in and filmed some stuff for me. I’m beyond grateful I started vlogging that summer and had this footage to go back and reflect on. I love you, Danny! All of what I do is in love and appreciation for you and to contribute to the world on our behalf. Josh P. 💚🧠✌️ . .‬ . #brainhealth ‪#FueledByKetones #JustPruvit #PruvitEveryday #Pruvit‬ #gratitudeisabundance #perspective #ketotransformation #SpeakYourTruth #manifestation

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Moments of reflection like this challenge my beliefs of being a human but also has me considering the quantum perspective of life more and more. I’ve never really considered such dark thoughts in my life before my brother passed. The feelings of regret, “survivor guilt”, anger, sadness, love, confusion, “what if”, resentment, etc. consume me on a regular basis.

I try my best to channel it all into my efforts to serve and support others and it’s tough. I bury a lot of it in at times but damn does it get me at other times.

I love you, Danny.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️