Fear is Just a Thought Movement

Shout out to @hunterisaacson1 for supporting the “fear is just a thought” movement.

It’s amazing to me that 3 other people around the world have been influenced to follow suite by my decision to tattoo a phrase I’ve learned to live my life by on my arms.

Our personal realities are made up of our personalities- what thoughts we choose to give energy to, the actions we take, and the emotions we choose to feel (more so how long we choose to feel these emotions for). Fear is one of, if not, THE biggest factor in why we do things one way or another.

When we allow fear to control our personalities and state of being, we act in manners that are not aligned with our desires, ultimately creating a personal reality that we may not enjoy.

On the flip side, when we choose to use fear as a tool to learn and guide us, the possibilities of acting in a manner to overcome said fear can lead to endless possibilities for our lives.

It all comes down to the personality we choose to create and move forward with.

The first step is becoming conscious of our thoughts, actions and emotions.

The second step is auditing whether or not they are aligned with what we desire.

The third step is to create new thoughts that allow for new emotions and actions, ultimately leading to new possibilities and a new reality closer to what we truly want.

I appreciate you @hunterisaacson1 for the love and support, and dedication to being the programmer of your life rather than living in the program our external world often dictates for so many of us in today’s society.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️