13 to 30 years old…

Who I was when I was 13 has transformed profoundly to who I am today at 30 years old.

Even from the photo on the left as a 27 year old adult, things have dramatically shifted in these past 3 years.

I started out with a dream to become a professional BMX athlete one day and to ride with the professionals I looked up to.

I was fortunate enough to manifest that dream into my reality and much more than I ever fathomed being possible.

Along the way, though, we’re many obstacles I never imagined I’d face, let alone have to overcome in order to preserve my life.

I was 20 years old when I was given an accidental death sentence of a massive brain tumor (1st of 3) after appearing on an MRI for a concussion I had endured.

I had just made a name for myself globally from competing professionally and traveling internationally to compete and film videos for 3 years at this point, and I was friends with my childhood hero, Dave Mirra.

The life I dreamed of and sacrificed so much for had come true, yet was about to be taken from me.

This is what led me to auditing everything I knew about myself, about life, and how I was living my life.

It’s what led me to become passionate about keto, fitness, and mindset as well as educating others to ways they can create the same empowerment in their lives.

I started this journey on self to become a professional Bmx athlete and it’s led me to shifting my life vision and efforts on purpose to serve others around the world.

It started with a dream filled with passion and hard work and thanks to some major adversities, it’s transpired to a higher purpose filled with even more passion and effort.

I never would be in the space I am today had I not followed my dream and dismissed all those who doubted me.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️