It’s All In Your Head – get out of you way.

I just sat down and read Russ’ new book “It’s All In Your Head” in one sitting on my couch next to my puppy on this cold ass November day in Durham, North Carolina 3 days prior to my 31st birthday.

I’ve been feeling defeated before I’ve even really got started due to me allowing others opinions get in my head and turn my own being against me. I’ve also felt “lost” in the transition from my past childhood dream to a vision I’ve recently created based on my past life experiences and passions it’s led me to.

I just gained great perspective and took mental and physical notes on my life, my purpose, and how to stay focused.

The only thing I seem to let really take over my thoughts and create self doubt is money….bills, expenses, money in, how I’m going to create enough, how I’ll take care of my team, etc. even though my reality is that right now and tomorrow, I’m fine.

I’ve been focused on “what happens if…” for much of my adult life, when in reality I’ve always been ok. More than ok. My life has been amazing in many ways, despite’s hardships along the way. All that focus on “what if” takes time and energy away from changing that fear sooner than later and allowing the abundance to flow in.

Survival mode doesn’t promote growth and repair, it promotes more catabolic experiences to take from the purpose. When in that state, my mind spirals down this dark tunnel of self doubt, victim mentality, fear, worry, self pity, overwhelm and confusion. I start to analyze my every thought and action, and audit whether it’s the right move or use it my time. Then it starts up the cycle all over again.

This is what I was experiencing when I woke up almost paralyzed with fear, stress, self doubt and worry the other day. I want so much to make a difference in the world and take care of those I love and even those I don’t know.

I need to stay focused more on that feeling and desire so my internal being will reflect that state of love and gratitude for being who I am, with a purpose as such as I’ve fallen passionately in love with, that I’d walk away from a dream I developed as a child and was living to fulfill.

I choose what goes in my head and I confess I allowed others to influence that, for whatever reason it may be.

I’ve turned that bullshit over and kicked it out of my head.

I am focusing my energy on my purpose and aligning my inner being today to reflect the sense of gratitude for what I’ve created and what’s to come, once time reflects that into the known relearn of the now.

I’ll probably read this book again and again to see what others have made possible based on these principles, even after years of no signs of success other than their own delusional belief in themself.

At my core, I believe in what I’m doing. I believe I’m the best fit for the job. I believe I’m already successful. I believe I have immense value to share with others. I believe I’ve lived the life I have based on the infinite intelligence within all of us and that runs the operation we know as life.

I believe it’s set me on the right path and will continue to. I believe I’m right where I need to be experiencing exactly what I need to in order to get me ready for what I’m creating and what’s beyond that.

I love Jackie, my family, my friends, my fans, my supporters, and my haters. For without them, I wouldn’t be who I am and I’m grateful for all of them.

I love you reading this and the energy we share.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️