31 Years Old

Today, I turned 31 years old.

Reflecting on my crazy past and multiple times I’ve escaped death has me incredibly grateful to be alive and the amazing people in my life, like this woman right here @jciake who has been by my side at some of the most difficult times of my life I never fathomed appearing in my reality. She won’t let me give up even at times of my lowest questioning my purpose and my life in general, and I’m incredibly grateful for her doing that.

Loosing my younger brother last year on his own terms messed with my brain chemistry in more ways than I can event attempt to understand.

It’s shown me how fragile this experience on earth is and how much potential we have to impact others, one way or another.

Out of all the things I’ve experienced and learned so far, the biggest things that stands out to me is that we all have one choice every single day and we don’t’t live up to our fullest potential in life.

A choice in perspective: how we see the world we live in and the life we create, whether or not we’re conscious of our potential.

From dropping out of highschool to pursue an unlikely path few have succeeded in, to overcoming life or death situations, today, I have chosen the perspective of wanting to do more in terms of contribution to the world.

I decided to step away from my childhood dream to fulfill a higher purpose focused on serving others to live as healthy, happy and successful as possible.

The hardships I’ve overcome and learned from have shown me no matter how much I thought I gave it and wanted to give up, I had even more to give and have experienced extraordinary things because of it.

I know others have experiences and thoughts about life similar to mine and I want people to know they’re not alone, broken, crazy, or lack a purpose to fulfill in this world.

Even when you feel as if you’ve given it all you have, dig digger to the untapped potential that lies within us all. Live by a vision of your future rather than your past. It’s worth the effort!

Thank all of you for supporting me over the years as I’ve shared my wild journey and continue to do so.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️