2010 Almost Took My Life

I started last decade with being told I may have cancer, I would never ride my BMX bike again, and that I may die.

This was sprung upon my solo self in the doctor’s office for an MRI follow up visit with my focus and perspective that I was about to be told I had to take 2 weeks off my bike after enduring a concussion 2 days prior.

Little did I know that the doctor’s change in demeanor was resulting from some tragic news he was about to share with me. I was 21 years old, just rode X-games (a childhood dream), and was abruptly and shockingly diagnosed with a massive brain tumor.

This thing almost killed me and robbed me of all of that I have experienced, seen, and done for others since that moment.

That moment can easily and is often referred to by others as “the worst thing” to ever happen to me and for some obvious reasons.

The less obvious reality others agree with once I share my perspective is that it was the single best thing to ever happen to me besides the day I was born. It changed the trajectory of my life in such profound ways. It shifted how I saw the world, my being, what was possible in life, and what my purpose on this Earth is beyond riding a bike.

The last decade of my life has introduced me to some amazing people I consider family today, brought me around the world to places I never fathomed being possible, given me life-altering experiences to grow and become inspired from, taught me so much about my being, my purpose, business, relationships, priorities, community, education, and so much more.

With all that said, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for every person that has come into my life personally or from afar and shown me love. The amount of love and support you all have shown me is truly amazing and not something I ever imagined experiencing when I first left home as a child in pursuit of a dream full of risk, doubt, pain, suffering, and little to no success.

I share all I share with all of you like an open book for a few reasons:

1- relate and connect with each of you to do my best to never let someone feel as if they are alone, broken, dysfunctional, have to feel embarrassed for any reason, can’t live their life on their terms, or anything short of capable of living the life they desire and DESERVE.

2- inspire new perspective shifts that influence change in your life that leads to the best version of yourself.

3- show you all I am no one special and I have experienced hell and am grateful for it because it showed me what I was capable of and allowed me to shift my sights upwards from where they once resided, ultimately allowing more abundance in my life. That said, my effort is to allow you the space in your consciousness and subconscious to develop a belief in yourself even when times get tough.

Josh P.