Just got off the phone with Tuft’s Medical Center in Boston, where I had Gamma Knife Radiosurgery treatment in 2012, and this is the new challenge I face…

The 2 newer brain tumors that were treated on the left side of my brain via Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in 2012, near the middle of my brain, was shrinking for 1-2 years and is now stable (good news).

There are now 2 new masses on the right side of my brain the size of peas (from residual cell growth), opposite of where the original surgery in 2010 was performed. My options are to follow it and see if it changes in growth with an MRI no sooner than 6 months, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, or full on open cranial surgery. 

It took 7 years for these new growths to accumulate, which would have been dramatically sooner had I not changed my diet and cut out 95% of sugar, alcohol, and other crap food-like products. 

It’s times like these that challenge our beliefs and our strength, mentally, the most. It’s also the most important time to practice positive thinking and manifesting the outcome and life we want. It’s easy to do so when times are “good” but it matters most when times are “bad”.

I have practiced a positive mindset and not giving into fear for the last 2 years so much that it shows in my riding now and in my everyday life. This challenge is no different. The way I see it is I can feel sorry for myself and give into fear, or I can stay confident and push forward like I have always done with obstacles in life I have to overcome to get where I want to be.

I believe these obstacles are thrown my way because I do have the strength to deal with and overcome them, and show you all that you can too. We all possess the strength within our minds to do and think whatever we want, and I want to continue to show you all this by living my message to the fullest. If anything, this is just more motivation and fuel for my goals with my BMX career and life in general. 💚✌️

📸 by: @bcookmedia 

-Josh P.