How to ACL Strength & BMX | JP Weeklies 017

Having gone through ACL reconstructive surgery and returning to BMX riding better than I imaged, I get asked what I did a lot. My new video walks you through some knee/ ACL exercises you can do.

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Steps for ACL Prevention and Rehab:

1. Stability (single leg squats, single lead deadlifts, split stance squats, walking lunges

2. Landing mechanics (stable box jumps with no knees inward on landing, straight hurdle hope, sideways hurdle hops, anti-rotational split stance press holds with a band.

3. Bilateral strength ( back squat, revenge lunge from back squat stance, deadlift.

4. Mobility, stretching, foam rolling, and remember to lift/exercise safely. Don’t push too hard. Start light and work your way up. Especially after recovering from an injury.


-Josh P.


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