Always Wanted To Be A Pro Athlete

I grew up wanting to be a professional athlete, but it started with a dream to be in the NBA.

Then, thankfully, BMX came into my life and as I reflect on that probably dream to go to UNC to play ball like MJ on my way to the NBA, I’m thankful I found a passion for BMX and my 5’8” height wouldn’t have cut it 😂🤣.

To have the opportunity to perform at UNC men’s and woman’s basketball, Duke Men’s basketball, and other NBA and NFL halftime shows is incredible.

Huge shoutout to @kingbmxstuntshow for making that possible!

It was rad to be able to hang out with @jimmyfarris and @chukkybasics this weekend for a business mastermind and to be able to relate, share stories, encourage others, and for me personally, be inspired by two SuperBowl champions that manifested their dreams and took that experience into creating a business for themselves helping others.

For a solid 2 years, I battled the “identity crisis” of who am I if I’m not the BMX athlete and what do I do with my life, even though I had found my purpose and was excited about it.

There was still this gap between who I felt I was, what I wanted to do and why, and what others perceived me as or expected me to be like.

I’ve come a long way this past year to find my confidence and clarity around the fact I’m who I decide to be and to know Jimmy and Chukky have done the same has helped me solidify this belief in myself to help others and own my value.

I’m sitting in an immense amount of gratitude, optimism, faith, and excitement for what’s to come and for becoming friends with these two legends.

Follow your heart, you never know who you’ll run into, what experiences and opportunities you’ll come by, or who you’ll inspire and help along the way.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️