Beware of what you “want”

The topic of consciousness and the subconscious mind has come up a ton in my last 3 years of life.

One thing that keeps presenting itself is this understating that the brain doesn’t know the difference between “I want” and “I don’t want”, it just takes in the outcome in which we’re referring to, even if it’s not the desired outcome we want in our life’s.

We’re motivated by two main purposes in our lives and that’s fear or pleasure, also known as the “carrot and stick” concept.

When we focus on the fears, we tend to find ourselves further away from the desired outcome along with the path being one of more difficulties, challenges, and pain.

When we focus on the pleasure, we tend to find ourselves in a elevated state of being that draws the event closer to us in a quicker sense without all the bullsh** trying to hold us back and even if obstacles are presented, the perspective held on the pleasurable future outcome keeps us going and pushing forward.

We have all experienced this in our lives and a great example is in BMX whenever I or other athletes focused on our fear when trying a new trick rather than the pleasurable desired outcome, what happened?

More times than not, it didn’t work out and we would experience what it felt like to hit the ground from a distance in the air most humans don’t ever experience.

I can trace back so many times I fell and where my focus was to prove this point as well as the times I focused on visualizing my riding away from the truck and the outcome manifested the way I envisioned.

It’s not always easy, but is super SIMPLE. Where our focus goes, our energy flows.

The most important step to any aspect of life, I believe, is creating a sense of consciousness or awareness. Once you can become conscious of your thoughts, you can note how they influence the actions you choose and the experiences that are a byproduct from said behavior.

I believe that if all the experiences in my life, the most profound takeaway is to create a level of consciousness in our every day lives and really audit our choices once we become aware.

It’s not about perfection, it’s about progression.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️