Emotional Baggage

I’m told I need to do more “non work” related things in my life. Anyone else hear this?

I find it challenging to disconnect my “work” from personal life as they’re both almost exactly aligned with one another with similar yet different purposes.

Brian challenged me with the question the other week of “what’s your business and personal purpose?” At first, my unconscious mind wanted to say they’re the same. Then, after Brian shared some more, I really thought about it & it became clear to me.

My personally purpose is to inspire the belief in others by leading by example & sharing my journey.

My business purpose is to inspire new perspectives in others that leads them to finding their Massive Intention To Optimize (their MITO), so they can increase their health & performance in their personal & business lives.

Although I’m equally passionate about both, I find it easy to fall into the later purpose fueled by a deep rooted insecurity of not working “hard enough” mixed with past regrets of “time wasted” combined with a subconscious fear of letting people down.

After meeting Kara Flowers at the start of the year, along with many conversations with @jimmyfarris regarding these specific topics, concepts, & terminology shared in this post, I’ve trusted my intuition in guiding me to hire on Kara as my NLP coach for the year.

One thing Kara made very evident, despite what my conscious thinking mind believing a block around money was the cause of my challenges in life, is that I don’t do enough for Josh in terms of pleasure & leisure time & I carry too much emotional baggage.

I reflected on the year leading up to Danny, my younger brother, passing & how stressed I was starting my own business & never took the time to chill with him how I wish I could now. That regret is something I’m working to let go of as I know it serves me 0% in both of my purposes in life.

That said, over the weekend I was able to take Cheddar out & explore the Eno River with Jackie, Katie & Mitch in a nice grounding and resetting environment.

I love myself & my family/friends to much to not prioritize them, no matter how stressed I may feel.

Josh P 💚🧠✌️