Is Pain & Suffering a “Must” for Life?

According to the actual definition of “pain”,

it’s suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.


That being said, the majority of us inflict that said “pain” on our selves by lifestyle choices and or lack of choices, aka mental illness (fear, anxiety, stress, and depression). I don’t believe anyone must choose what “pain” they will HAVE to endure and I don’t believe anyone must suffer against their own will, that is living in a past emotional state and experience, or literally harming yourself on your own terms, which creates illness and or disease.


I am not willing to suffer for shit. I am willing to make choices that will lead me to my goals. The cool thing is about most of anyone’s dreams and goals is that they come without illness or injury. MOST, is the key word. For example, my dream that I live today is to be a BMX athlete. An injury does happen because mistakes do happen in life but you move on, assess what went wrong, and learn from it. “Pain” in that sense is temporary unless you let it mentally hold you back later on in life.


What drives me is that life could always be worse, I am a living human in America, I want to support others in this world with my experiences that have given me tremendous perspective, and I, just as well all do, have potential to reach any and every one of my goals.


Nothing is worth my pain.

Pain is just information to the brain when things are not in balance.


I use pain as I use “failure” a lesson to learn what is out of balance and how to progress with my life.


-Josh P.