What Are You WILLING To Do?

What are you willing to do for the things you say you “need” and “want” in your life?

Are you willing to sacrifice moments of instant gratification for the long game of sustainability?

Are you willing to put yourself in uncomfortable ale situations or moments of immense pain like I experienced in this photo?

The difference between a pro and amateur is the willingness to push past moments of physical and mental pain, fear, doubt, worry, judgment, stress and whatever else comes your way.

The future vision we create as a pro of our life’s journey is what defines us. We’re not defined by our past, who we showed up as yesterday, the times we fell down or “failed”, or the times we heard the word “no”. We are clear on our purpose behind the vision and won’t let anything stop us, no matter how far off course we find ourselves.

Pain is just information. Use the information to trouble shoot navigating forward to success.

When you find yourself comfortable, that should set off an alarm that it’s time to optimize.

Adaptations are healthy and necessary to build strength, but comfort can lead to stagnant phases in life and lead to unhappiness.

That’s what I’ve found in my life and BMX has taught me there’s always more in us to optimize our current level in area of life, if we’re willing to put the work in.

Get after it with clear, purposeful, and align intent that matches the vision you’ve created for your life.

Don’t settle for anything less and don’t let moment of pain persuade you off the path.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

BMX taught me pain endurance

“Pain is just one piece of information.”

I read that quote in Ronda Rousey’s book and it makes so much sense.

The other quote I love is “pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice”.

BMX taught me to endure a massive amount of mental and physical pain in order to accomplish my goals.


That foundation has set the tone for over half my current life and the rest of my life ahead of me.

With a mindset built like what BMX fosters then anything’s possible as long as the desire is strong enough and you’re willing to grind with persistence and faith.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Pain Over Suffering

Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice we often subconsciously make.

This quote from Ronda Rousey makes so much sense when you really think about it. Pain doesn’t just appear, there’s always a cause whether it be mentally or physically.

When we become self aware and really understand where the pain is coming from in our life, we can make changes and no longer suffer.

Even if we avoid the cause of the pain, the pain turns to suffering mentally longer term in various forms.

BMX taught me how to understand pain and choose my next actions and if I wanted to love with the pain or not.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Persistence is How I Made It Here

Persistence to land a trick has taught me many invaluable lessons in life.

To accept this kind of pain just to land a trick on your bike changes you mentally and subconsciously in such profound ways.

I wasn’t aware of it in the beginning but in my last few years competing and progressing, I started to become conscious to what was going on.

Now I harness it all for my purpose to serve and support those around me and willing to hear what I have to say.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Is Pain & Suffering a “Must” for Life?

According to the actual definition of “pain”,

it’s suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.


That being said, the majority of us inflict that said “pain” on our selves by lifestyle choices and or lack of choices, aka mental illness (fear, anxiety, stress, and depression). I don’t believe anyone must choose what “pain” they will HAVE to endure and I don’t believe anyone must suffer against their own will, that is living in a past emotional state and experience, or literally harming yourself on your own terms, which creates illness and or disease.


I am not willing to suffer for shit. I am willing to make choices that will lead me to my goals. The cool thing is about most of anyone’s dreams and goals is that they come without illness or injury. MOST, is the key word. For example, my dream that I live today is to be a BMX athlete. An injury does happen because mistakes do happen in life but you move on, assess what went wrong, and learn from it. “Pain” in that sense is temporary unless you let it mentally hold you back later on in life.


What drives me is that life could always be worse, I am a living human in America, I want to support others in this world with my experiences that have given me tremendous perspective, and I, just as well all do, have potential to reach any and every one of my goals.


Nothing is worth my pain.

Pain is just information to the brain when things are not in balance.


I use pain as I use “failure” a lesson to learn what is out of balance and how to progress with my life.


-Josh P.

Pain Pills Almost Killed Me

I’m alive because of my BMX bike. The pain pills doctors kept feeding me almost killed me. A crash, leading to an MRI, saved my life and revealed a brain tumor taking up almost half my brain. I was then rushed to Duke for surgery to remove the meningioma brain tumor. My neurosurgeon said I had kept taking, or avoiding pain pills because they make me sick, rather than treating the underlying cause (brain tumor), I would not have woken up one day.

It’s crazy how it literally took a crash for them to scan my brain and see I wasn’t making shit up. They kept saying “no, you don’t need a scan. Headaches are just something people live with and it’s very common.I am going to prescribe you pain pills.” Then society acts like there is this huge opioid epidemic. True, but it’s created from doctors hiding behind their ego rather than helping patients. Goes without saying but not all doctors. Voicing this concern has led me to doctors that believe what I believe and truly care to take the extra step to help their patients.

Pain pills are never the cure. 💚✌️


-Josh P.

Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body

“Imma go as hard as I can dawg

Til’ the Grim Reaper come and take me

I’m not afraid of fallin’ to the very bottom

No death don’t intimidate me

Cause I bleed the blood of a winner

I can feel it all running through my veins

I know this might sound a lil’ crazy to ya

You wouldn’t understand unless you was me” 

Pain is weakness leaving the body” is one of my favorite quotes from Jeremy Piven in a role he played as a car salesman. This photo was taken after I over rotated a 720 and hit my chin off my handlebars on an untraditional/ kinked jump, mid-contest run last year. @trishbare got me all patched up and I went and did my second run perfectly as planned. 

One of the most important lessons BMX has taught me was to get up when we fall down and try again. Falling, or failure is a part of life and should be viewed as a learning experience rather than a negative experience in our lives. It’s all a matter of perspective. Glass half full or glass half empty. 

If you know me, I’m always in favor for the glass half full. Full of possibilities, ideas, dreams, hard work, achievements, education, and love. With that combination, anything is possible.

-Josh P.

Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

Doing what it takes to push through these last few weeks of shows and the Fise World contest of the season. I’m beyond grateful for where my riding, knee, and mind are at only 9.5 months out of ACL reconstructive surgery.

My goal was to be on my bike by May and then make finals at each @uci_cycling UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup Series. I’ve done just that as well as got a podium spot in Osijek, Croatia.

If you know me, you know I’m 100% when it comeI’mo what i’m passionate about. I was so dedicated to my rehab so I could be even halfway where I am today. That being said, once I got back into the swing of BMX riding again I have gone back to 100% commitment to my riding. With that comes falls, obstacles, and injuries. 

It’s apart of the game but the ones mentally strong enough are the ones who push through. It’s the universes way of testing our faith and passion to work hard for what we desire in life. I’m been through more than I ever imagined and I’m grateful for each and every challenge. 

It’s taught me a lot about myself, others, and life in general. It’s shown me my strength both mentally and physically. It’s given me new perspectives on BMX, my life, and what I want to attract to me life. 

I’m currently in this ice bath for my legs to help get some pep back in them but I’m also trying to heal this bone bruise on my right shin that’s now traveled to the other side all of a sudden and has me barley even walking/riding.

To be where you want to be in life means going through new experiences. Living a holistic and healthy lifestyle helps these changes and transitions along the way. When you take care of your body, you feel good. When you feel good, you ride good. Or, do whatever it is in life that you love.

-Josh P.