Subconscious Status

Why do you care what people you don’t know or like think of you?

A lot of us are afraid of judgment from others.

What’s crazy to think about is the people we’re afraid of judging us don’t affect our lives in any anyway and don’t serve a purpose either way.

So why do we still care?

Subconscious status and insecurities is why.

Think about it. Why do you want that car? That watch? That job? That house? That amount of money?

Because of how it will make us feel based on how others will perceive us.

I see friends of mine waste their money on materialistic items they “want” because of how they think it change others opinions of them after years of negativity shared their way.

When you focus on you, and only you, and what fuels you and makes you happy, you start to invest your time, energy and money differently.

I’ve found that shifting my time, energy and money towards my purpose rather than my ego has helped me create more abundance, success, love, opportunities, relationships, and feelings of happiness like non other.

Where at you investing your time, energy, and money?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Gratitude & Progression > Spite & Lack

Don’t get that quote wrong, I live and breath gratitude.

That said, I’m competitive at heart as we all are.

I didn’t make a name for myself in this world by being content.

I strived for more and pushed myself to reach new levels every step of the way.

I was fueled by a lot of spite and anger leading to my success as a professional athlete.

Then, after the first brain tumor diagnosis, my perspective shifted to one of gratitude for my life and all that was in it.

This sense of gratitude led me to wanting even more in my life, which led me on a path of serving others along the way.

What’s the use in my success if others can’t experience their success as well?

At the end of the day, it’s human nature to progress our lives in areas were passionate about.

What this journey up until this moment has taught me is that gratitude leads to abundance in all areas of life.

A simple perspective shift to that of gratitude not only changes our chemical make up, but it also attracts alike vibes from our external environments.

Sounds woohoo and all that but it’s backed by science that we can se and measure, and my life is a clear example of just that.

Gratitude & progression > spite and lack.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Perspective & NeuroChemicals

Perspective is all it takes to see the truth in this.

Think about this statement for a minute….gratitude is the key to abundance.

If we live with the perspective of “lack”, then we will feel and believe we have lack. If we develop a perspective of gratitude, we feel gratitude.

That’s how our subconscious mind works. It doesn’t decide what’s “good” or “bad”, or what we like and don’t like.

It can’t tell the difference from perceived or reality and with that, it triggers the release of chemicals in our body according to the thought that entered the mind.

These chemicals are addicting and are what lead to our actions.

Those actions bring on an experience, and that experience creates a story and emotion embedded into our brains that triggers the chemical cycle all over again with that action every time.

So if we think in lack and then take actions throughout the day that don’t serve us and our goals, we create this feeling linked to this thought over and over again.

We literally live as our past self and create our past as our future.

How do you think working every day to foster a perspective of gratitude would allow you to change your life?

If you felt a higher vibration of energy, would you be more inclined to act different and make new choices?

Would this “different” version of yourself and new choices being on new feelings, ultimately bringing you closer to the reality you desire?

I have found the answer to be YES.

No matter what we believe in (religion, spirituality, energy, etc.), how can we expect that source that gave us life to give us more of what we want if we’re not grateful for what we have right now?

The key to happiness and success is to feel what that desired outcome may feel like now.

This allows us to act, think and believe in ourselves and goals, ultimately manifesting what we focus our minds in and give energy to.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

My 3 Core Life Principals

I live my life by these 3 principals:

1) perspective is essential to life

2) health is internal

3) our reality is a manifestation of our choices

After losing my brother, Danny, over a year ago to suicide, I have faced these principals in depth for how i choice to move forward with my life even tho I felt like quitting.

I can’t quit or I’d be letting my brother down and my biggest fear in life is letting down those I care about.

I’m fueled by doing right by Danny and Mirra and it’s part of what drives my efforts on the daily.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

One of the top questions I get is how do I overcome fear and what’s the secret?

Secret? Non!

It’s a choice I make and we all can make when presented with fear.

Start with this set of questions:

1) is this fear I’m perceiving real?

2) is this fear what I desire?

3) is this fear what I want?

If you say “no” to any of these 3 questions, then you have to make the choice to let that fear fuel you to push through to pursuing the action that sparks fear.

Everything we desire is on the other side of fear when we sit and look at what that statement represents.

If it were easy and or not scary, we’d already be doing the things we want and have the life we desire.

“Easy” and “scary” are just words and perspectives. When we shift our perspectives, we are more likely to take new action in life that leads us closer to our desires.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Subconscious Conditioning

Subconscious programming and conditioning are powerful.

I’ve seen it in many areas of my life now that I’m hyper aware of what it is and how it affects our goals.

Something like strength and condition training can bring any single able body benefit with their health and fitness.

But, we’re often conditioned to think otherwise for whatever reason it may be.

Being a professional athlete for over a decade, people assume I trained outside of my sport but that wasn’t true.

Taking care of yourself and wearing protective gear when you ride isn’t “cool” to a lot of people in BMX and it’s quite sad how I fell into the trap of caring what others thought for so long rather than what intrigued me and I wanted to explore due to being judged.

It’s funny because I get hated on so much now for all the positive changes I’ve made and share but I no longer care and is why I’m seeing so much success in my life.

I can’t thank @jciake and @coachmatthunter enough for all they’ve taught me and how far I’ve come thanks to them in terms of my exercise implementation and passion to do so.

Don’t let outsider noise and distractions control your desires and action, do YOU and remember we’re not responsible for others feelings and actions. Only our own.

Live your life, be aware of the subconscious programming you may be living with and break it down for the life you desire.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Eyes Forward

Thank you to anyone who was for or against me.

Either way, in support of me or against me, it ultimately led me to where I am today & all I’m doing with my life & for others & I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve fallen in love with the journey while setting new goals every day & keeping my sights always exploring what possibilities there are for my life & my desire I’ve been creating in my mind.

@brianundy & I chatted about this concept of “where your eyes & head go, the rest of your body will follow” concept we have in BMX in regards to learning how to 360 in the beginning.

We were racing exotic cars out here in Vegas yesterday & the driver coaching us in the passenger seat would have to remind us all to stop looking so close in front of ourselves & look forward to where we wanted to go.

Great example of our goals & not getting stuck looking right at where we are but looking forward to what’s next & our new goals.

I talk about this mindset BMX and my hard working family instilled in me at a young age to always pursue what’s next in my life helping me overcome any hardship whether it’s fear, injuries, “failures” or “disease”. That same mindset has allowed me to get to where I am today and build the belief YOU can accomplish whatever you can see in your mind with the belief and persistence to not give up.

Failure only happens when you give up. Giving up doesn’t always mean you stopped pursuing a goal, sometimes it means being self aware enough to change course for the bigger picture / goal for your life and find another route.

This is all to say we have so much support along the way whether we can see it or not. Even the people that didn’t directly support us may have inspired us one way or another.

To be around @brianundy @ryanplowery Terry @magicmaleah @h_kingsbury and the whole @justpruvit family has been amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for all I’m learning and experiencing.

There’s no such thing as self made and if you’ve read Think & Grow Rich, you understand this.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Consistency is Success

Have you started towards a goal and found yourself going down multiple paths that don’t really get you any closer to your goal?

I have found as excited I got in the past to learn and try new things, every step away from the original strategy takes us out of alignment.

I’m not saying stay stagnant and in one box, I’m saying I’ve found most success in regards to accomplishing a goal when I stay the course and add the new ideas, concepts and plans to the list to try after some time.

For example, if we’re trying to remove body fat and start on a plan and switch to another plan even 4-6 weeks in, we don’t give it enough time to truly manifest and then get discouraged when we bounce around from plan to plan.

Even with BMX, we can’t try a new trick a handful of times and then move on to another one and expect either to get dialed in a short amount of time if we don’t stay consistent with the process. Once we get the new trick or plan dialed, and see results, we can then add to the plan or just stay the course longer and get it more dialed.

Far too often do we as a society want quick results and miss the long game approach. We’re playing chess here people, not checkers.

We don’t want a success to fizzle out, we want that success to be our new reality long term.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Words Are Powerful

Words are powerful. But our thoughts are even more powerful.

Suggestions come and go every day and it’s our thinking and belief structure that makes those suggestions reality. That is, if we choose to let them do so.

I made a transition in my thinking and belief structure after being told I’d die at the age of 21.

I could have easily given up and accepted the suggestion as my new reality but I couldn’t fathom that as it didn’t align with my life vision.

Our thinking and belief structure combined with action is what allows some to beat the odds and others to wish they could change their reality.

What’s rad is we all can change our reality as long as we believe we can and take the action that aligns with our words.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

What’s Mine Is Mine

Following my recent post regarding attempting to “tear others down” to make yourself feel better.

How we treat others is a direct reflection of who we are on the inside in the moment.

I’ve witnessed this over and over again and have had to audit who I was and how I was treating others over the years due to my own negativity I was fostering within myself.

A great thing to focus on is “what’s mine is mine and what’s theirs is theirs” meaning, if you are causing no harm and someone’s sharing negativity back, that’s their bullshit. Not yours.

Being confident enough in our own actions and walking our truth is key to not letting others affect how we feel. Because, when we have an emotional state it leads us to taking action one way or another.

If we are in a negative emotional state, guess what, we’re probably not going to take the action we’re proud of.

You can see with that how others may treat us, or try to, treat us poorly and how it’s on them, not us.

We’re not responsible for how others want to lead their life or their emotional states. We’re only responsible for our emotions and actions.

Own your shit and step into your power.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️