It Must Be Nice

“For all the times when I was down, well now I’m on my way. For everybody that was doubting, well not I’m on my way. For the ones who ain’t believing, well now I’m on my way. For the ones who question everything, well now I’m on my way.” -@rowlan

It must be nice was a common phrase I used and that I hear all the time. I said this until I stopped making excuses for the lack within my life, took my life into my control, and held myself accountable for the reality in which I lived in on a daily basis.

People don’t just have things pop into their reality out of thin air. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I’ve seen success manifest in my BMX career when I put in the work that followed a belief that it was possible. I’ve learned many things from BMX and one was that anything you set your mind to, believe wholeheartedly in, and take action towards without giving up is possible.

It’s only a dream until it happens to you.The difference between those who make dreams their reality and those who say “it must be nice” is taking action, an underlying belief it’s possible, and pushing through when times get tough.

I’ve been there when times were tough many times over my lifetime. Sometimes I gave up and other times I pushed through. Either way, it’s all just a learning opportunity. I call it collecting data.

Shit happens and you can either fall victim to the times you fell or you can be a survivor and push through with the new information at hand.

I choose to push through, no matter how terrible a time may be, and find a way to make my dreams a reality-because, why not?

I know I’ll be better for it coming out and that greatness is on the other side of any hardship in life.

Are you a victim or a survivor?

-Josh P.