Cupping & Dryneedling

Lots of controversy surrounding #cupping and #dryneedling but, in my experience, it works every time. Even if the literature/research hasn’t caught up, personal experiences mean more to me than any text book or piece of paper. Same with “professionals” and “experts”.

Just because someone has letters following their name doesn’t mean they know it all. Just because you can’t read an article “proving” the benefits of something, doesn’t mean you can’t excuse the manifestation taking place in reality.

It’s more than ok to have your own opinions, but it becomes disrespectful to direct ignorant comments towards those like myself and Jackie sharing therapies that have been practiced for 1,000’s of years with others in an effort to help others become as well as possible.

That said, I’m all for friendly debates and conversation and I want to hear your opinions. Not told what does and doesn’t work for myself, but what your view and experiences is with cupping and/or dry needling is/has been. πŸ€“πŸ’šβœŒοΈ

-Josh P.