But, Fat Makes Us Fat

Not. Fat does NOT make us fat. If we’re talking the right context.

Here is an easy filling dinner consisting of a bunch of non-starchy & fibrous veggies, quality protein, and lots of delicious fats.

If you want to burn body fat, you gotta eat healthy fats while getting rid of the crap foods.

I was conditioned by mainstream media and education to think fat was bad for our heart health and would make us fat.

What I had to dig deep to learn on my own was far from what I was being told and sold.

In the pretense of whole foods, lowering carbohydrate and sugar consumption, and eliminating toxins and stress as much as we can, fat is an integral part of brain and overall health.

Fat is critical for brain health in general.

Where fat gets a bad wrap is when people confuse dietary fat with the following:

1. unhealthy body fat as a result from poor lifestyle choices.

2. the combination of excessive fat consumption along with excessive carbohydrate and sugar consumption.

3. fat combined with processed food and sugar intake, which the latter is toxic no matter what its combined with or not.

4. tom foolery marketing backed by sugar companies claiming that fat is bad.

5. false propaganda for different dietary theories claiming that fat and cholesterol destroy our health and they we need “heart healthy” whole grains.

Can you name any more reasons why people believe fat to be evil?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️