Success Is Not A Destination

Success is where we all strive to be and even though it says “success” this doesn’t mean stopping there and setting up camp.

I don’t believe in a destination for success. I believe in loving the process and continuing to grow and progress. This is when we can reflect on the changes we made and the benefits that have taken place.

When success is viewed as a final destination, it’s more than likely going to be left behind as success is a continuous pursuit of evolution and obstacles.

You have likely heard “that was worth it” or something along those lines or “the struggle yesterday made me stronger today”. It’s times of adversity that we sort out who we truly are and our inner strength to move forward. Only when our Vision is clear can we move forward, leave the “victim” mentality behind, and manifest true success in our lives. 💚✌️

What does success mean to you?

-Josh P.