Your Personality = Your Personal Reality

“Your personality creates your personal reality” Dr Joe Dispenza

Think about that for a second.

Everything we do, think, feel, etc. create the reality we live in.

The first step is awareness followed by a new desire.

The challenge? Change and our subconscious mind (ego) trying to keep us “safe” when in reality it’s just a perceived stress of leaving behind our old identity.

I’ve been here and hard.

My desires outweighed the resistance to change and is why my life is designed the way it is.

From my financial freedom to my travels. From my health to my “free time” as others call it. Form my relationships to opportunities. It’s all a choice.

This choice starts in our minds and manifests with a belief.

The reason we don’t do the mental and physical work on a daily basis Is because we don’t believe in it.

Otherwise, tell me WHY YOU don’t have your goals written down, don’t read them allowed daily, don’t eat well, don’t exercise, don’t chase your dreams, and so on.

PLEASE, tell me. I’ll wait.

I was there before. Making excuses so I could play small in life and feed my addiction of emotional dependency in regards to my chemistry.

Remember, when we think any way it’s creating a hormonal, chemical, and physical change in our bodies. To change any of that is a perceived stress.

It’s not easy to change. Hence why so many in our country are overweight, stressed, unhappy, and broke.

I can attest to all of those listed right above as I was there and am not anymore. It takes a lot of work but hearing “it must be nice” from others is true.

It’s fucking nice and I worked my ass for it. I’m not “lucky”, you’re just not willing to do the damn work.

I left home when I was 17 to pursue an unconventional dream with not even a $1,000 in my bank. Lived out of a closet in my friends apartment, had major injuries, battled depression, was overweight, was diagnosed 3 times with a brain tumor, almost proposed to a crazy woman who lied to me about who she was and found out she willingly committed adultery with my married firmed 2 times, lost my mentor and brother to suicide, and the list goes on.

I’m now doing better than ever with a purpose to serve and support others in showing them the potential they have for their life when they just give it a damn effort and believe in what’s possible.

Why’s your excuse for why you’re NOT happy in all areas of your life and saying “it must be nice” to others while you sit on the bench playing SMALL in life?

Love you all!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️