Actions > Theory

The desire and vision are all that matter in the beginning.

No amount of planning or education will get you where you want to go without taking action.

I know so many people that are addicted to learning as they are insecure or their abilities to achieve their desires and scared to take action, so they learn more and work on more complicated plans.

Usually fear of failure and judgment, but I’ve also experienced fear of success thinking “what will people think of me when I accomplish this” or having to go through with even more action each step we reach along the journey.

Wr are also often unclear of our life vision and the belief that our desires are possible to posses.

There’s a ton of background context leading to these false beliefs based on social conditioning, subconscious programming from a young age, and our who stepping in telling us all the reasons not to act in an effort to keep us safe.

Taking action will teach you more about yourself and the reality of the desire and journey to obtain said desire than any amount of education.

Learning without doing is learning theory. I see so many people teaching theory out of fear to act, for whatever reason fear presents itself in their perspectives. How can someone teach a topic or help others device a plan if they have no hands on experience?

I am a big fan of walking my talk and try to never teach something I have no personal experience with, because that’s theory. Just because you understand something and memorized the topic, doesn’t mean you know the application of this topic. Here’s where I have issues with people “walking their talk” as I believe that’s all that matters when teaching others or learning from someone.

A degree doesn’t mean shit to me. Multiple degrees don’t mean shit. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work, based on actual experience and not theory, means the world to me and will always trump words.

Actions > words.

Life experience > education without action.

Truth > theory.

Gratitude > fear.

Purpose > self.

Do you take action or are you a subject of paralysis analysis?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Stop Complaining

Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re 100% correct. You determine the possibilities for your life. No one or thing can do that but you. No excuses. Stop with the excuses that keep you from taking action and putting the work in.


I’m sick of people complaining when they don’t have it bad. They just look around at “what is” rather than what they want. They focus on what they don’t have rather than ways to obtain what they want. STOP IT! 

Your life could always be worse. You’re alive if you can’t think of how it could be worse. Maybe travel to a new country to gain perspective. Maybe do something risky to gain perspective. MAYBE, get the hell off social media and comparing your life to others?


Just because someone suggests you can or can’t doesn’t mean it’s fact. Your beliefs and actions determine the outcome. The power of suggestion is powerful but only if you allow it to be so. Good or bad. You choose your outcome. F all the noise. Do YOU!


-Josh P.